Febreze Scentstories Player and Scent Discs 5 Pack - 9000401

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Product Description

Febreze Scentstories Player and Scent Discs, 5 Pack Plays scents like you play music. Introducing new Febreze Scentstories by Bioniare, a whole new way to experience scents. Just put a disc in the Scentstories Player and push play. Every Scentstories disc plays five complementary scents, one by one, with a new scent every half hour. Plays reusable Febreze Scentstories discs 3 adjustable scent intensity levels Circlulates a new scent every 30 minutes, 5 scents per disc Shuts off automatically after all 5 scents have been played Exploring a Mountain Trail Scentstories disc included Limited Edition Bonus--Sounds of Nature CD included This Gift Set comes complete with ScentStories Disc Player and 5 pack of Scent Discs: Model# SSD508 - Strolling Through the Garden Model# SSD509 - Wandering Barefoot on the Shore Model# SSD510 - Shades of Vanilla Model# SSD511 - Exploring a Mountain Trail Model# SSD512 - Relaxing in Hammock Model: 9000401