For Cleaner, Fresher Air

For Cleaner, Fresher Air

EzAireFL can be used to improve the quality of your indoor air 24-hours a day. Or set on high as a sanitizing appliance to reduce mold, bacteria, and mildew in your environment.

The EzAireFL air purification system is perfect for indoor areas up to 2,200 square feet. Ideal for the average home, with performance capabilities to handle large and small areas.

The EzAireFL uses a synergy of ion generation technology in conjunction with controlled low-level Ozone Generation, this process
PureAirMan EzAireFL

Quantity: enables EzAireFL to eliminate odors, smoke and tobacco smoke from your breathing space.

Plus EzAireFL's sanitizing function can be used to reduce mold, mildew and bacteria in unoccupied spaces

The powerful 400 CFM fan (extremely quiet during operation) provides highly effective air circulation.

With a free 30 day in-home trial, you can try EzAireFL for yourself with no risk and no obligation. Just order here or call the PureAirMan at 1-866-788-7884 to see for yourself how the new EzAire Advanced Technology Air Quality System can benefit you and your family.


120 volt, 60 hz AC line operation
30 watts power consumption
24 - 30 KV, 20 - 30 Khz ion generation pulsator
Variable speed 400 CFM free air-delivery fan
Dimensions 9.5" x 7.5" x 9.75"
Weight = 10.6 pounds
Ozone Generation:
Output = 0-320 mg per hour
Ion Generation:
Pulsating negative/positive ion field generator re-establishes ion levels
DC negative ion generation
Covers a range of 20 square feet to 2,200 square feet.*
* Depends on variables such as severity and frequency of pollution, humidity and temperature.