Fresh Zone Air Purifier (20' x 10' room)

DeLonghi Fresh Zone Air Purifier (20' x 10' room):
Clean air is essential, especially in our homes where we spend a good part of our day and night. Indoors there are often as many health hazards as outdoors, including dust, mites, pollen, smoke, unpleasant odors and air pollution. This DeLonghi air-purifier features an exclusive three-stage filtering system to remove impurities from the air you breathe, whether in your bedroom, living room or office, capturing up to 99.97 percent of small particles. The three filters include a washable pre-filter, a true HEPA filter, and an active carbon filter. A separately controlled ionizer provides purification while freshening the air. Change all three filters at once, since they are housed in a convenient single-unit cartridge. An indicator tells you when it's time to replace them. What's unique is that you can place your DeLonghi air purifier virtually anywhere you want clean air, including a vertical, horizontal or wall-mounted position. It also has rubber feet for added stability. Four speeds allow for flexible operation, so you can leave it at top notch during waking hours or low for nighttime sleep. This model purifies a room measuring 20 x 10 feet. (Sku: #197161)


Model:   DAP130
Dimensions:   16.14 x 9.96 x 16.1-in.
Weight:   16.87-lbs.
Power Source:   AC 120V (60Hz) [1500 watts]
Air Circulation:   4-speed Fan
Suitable Room Size:   10 x 20-ft. (up to 200 sq. ft.)
Warranty:   1 year Limited
Origin:   China
Replacement Filters:   Active Carbon Filter (DAPC130)