Friedrich C-90A - Fast and effective!

In independent laboratory tests of air cleaners, the Friedrich C-90A air purifier achieved one of the highest Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR) in the industry. The air cleaner quickly eliminates dust, tobacco smoke, pollen, mold spores, pet dander and other airborne contaminants. The air cleaner is electronic and only requires periodic replacement of the carbon filter.

The Friedrich C-90A air cleaner ranks among the top in independent studies!

The higher the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of the air purifier, the faster cleaned air gets circulated.
There are many sources of indoor air pollution making your indoor air up to 10 times as polluted as outdoor air.

Some of these pollutants are dust, air fresheners, tobacco smoke, pollen, fireplaces, pesticides, mold spores, aerosol sprays, plant spores, humidifiers, wood stoves and pet dander. The Friedrich C-90A electronic air cleaner is very effective in cleaning the indoor environment of these airborne particles.

Friedrich Electronic Air Cleaners are an efficient and cost effective part of any indoor health program!

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Friedrich C-90A Electronic Air CleanerFor economy of use and efficiency of operation, an electronic air cleaner has no equal. The Friedrich C-90A Electronic Air Cleaner is the perfect unit for rooms up to 600 square feet.

Since you only have one low cost filter to change periodically and the unit only uses the power of a household light bulb, the C-90A is an economical way of looking after your health.

For only $529.00 and a very low upkeep cost, you can look out for the health of you and your family against the many indoor pollutants in your home or office!

With one of the highest clean air delivery rates in the industry, the C-90A will quickly clean the air in any room!
Powerful 3-speed Fan: Quickly eliminates pollutants.
Electronic cell is washable.
Lightweight and portable.

Please see chart below for rating & full specifications.


Friedrich C-90A

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Friedrich product features: easy to use ... easy to maintain! Good value for your money.

One of the highest clean air delivery rates in the industry.
Only one inexpensive filter to replace.
Powerful 3 speed fan quickly eliminates pollutants.
Electronic Cell needs only to be cleaned, not replaced!
Uses about as much power as a household light bulb.

Indicator lamp to show unit is operating properly.
Safety Interlock Switch - shuts unit off when cover is opened.
Self regulating power supply - Eliminates line voltage fluctuations.
Lightweight and portable.
Low maintenance cost.

Full Specifications of the Friedrich C-90A electronic air purifier.



Removes particulate produced by dust, air fresheners, tobacco smoke, pollen, fireplaces, pesticides, mold spores, aerosol sprays, plant spores, humidifiers, wood stoves and pet dander.

600 sq. ft.

19"H x 15"W x 21.5"D

28 lbs.

Input Voltage
115 v / 60Hz

Power consumption on Low/High
40 Watts / 90 Watts

Fan Speeds

Sound level (dB)
40 / 50 / 55

Air Flow - cubic feet per minute
low: 225 CFM
med: 275 CFM
high: 365 CFM

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) in cubic feet per minute
Dust: 325
Smoke: 300
Pollen: 370

Electronic Cell life
Does not need to be replaced. Simply lift it out of the unit and submerge it in the bathtub or a similar suitable container. It can even be washed in the dishwasher!

Carbon Filter life
3 to 6 months depending on odor & chemical levels

Pre-filter life

1 year


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Efficient, economical and easy to maintain! Technology hard at work cleaning your indoor air.

Friedrich Air Cleaners efficiently and cost effectively clean the air faster than the others!

No HEPA filter to replace.Other types of air cleaners use HEPA filters that have to be replaced periodically . On the Friedrich C-90A only an inexpensive carbon filter needs to occasionally be replaced.

Energy efficient and easy to maintain.The C-90A uses about the same amount of electricity as a household light bulb. You can keep the unit operating at peak efficiency by periodically washing the electronic cell. Simply lift out the electronic cell and submerge it in a bathtub or other suitable container. You can even place it in an automatic dishwasher.

How do you know which air cleaners are really effective?The Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is the method by which some manufacturers have their portable room air cleaners evaluated. You will generally see CADR's expressed for the three most common types of air pollutants: Tobacco smoke, Dust and Pollen. CADR refers to the amount of clean air provided by an air cleaner each minute of operation - measured in cubic feet.

The Friedrich electronic air cleaner will perform adequately in rooms as large as 600 square feet, based on an eight foot ceiling. For faster, more thorough cleaning, we recommend you place the air cleaner in a room 465 square feet or less.

One of the highest clean delivery rates (CADR) in the industry!Air cleaners are rated by AHAM (Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers) for their ability to remove 3 common pollutants from the air: dust, tobacco smoke and pollen. The higher the rating numbers, the more effective the unit.

Friedrich ratings are amongst the highest!

Quality Replacement Air Cleaner Filters keep your air cleaner working at peak efficiency.

*Free shipping in the lower 48 States on replacement air filter orders over $165.00 or when ordered with an air purifier.

Only the low cost carbon filter needs to be periodically replaced. The pre-filter and electronic cell can be washed to keep your air cleaner working efficiently for you. To clean the electronic cell, you simply lift it out of the unit and submerge it in a bathtub or other suitable container. It can even be placed in an automatic dishwasher!

Friedrich C-90A -- Replacement Air Filter

Part No.
Suggested Replacement

C-90A CF
Charcoal filter
3 to 6 months