HEPA, Carbon and Ultraviolet Air Purifier Technology - An Interview About Clarifier Dr. Speiser answers questions about air purifier features

Editor's Note: The Clarifier is one of the best air purifiers that we sell on site. We get lots of questions about ultraviolet so I thought I would ask the people over at CARE to explain more in detail.

Q. Dr. Speiser, I see one of the unique features about the Clarifier air purifier is the ultraviolet light, can you explain, why you have chosen to include ultraviolet in your air purification system?
A. Due to an increased exposure of the public to disease causing bacteria and viruses, witness spinal meningitis in Ohio, and an upsurge in reported cases of bronchitis, pneumonia, and respiratory infections, ultraviolet when used properly is one of the more only effective technologies to reduce and control airborne pathogens in hospitals. It will effectively control the spread of infectious diseases at home and in the workplace. Viruses are too small to be trapped by HEPA filters. UV can easily destroy viruses, so it is one of the only means of eliminating viruses.
Q. Ozone is generally associated with ultraviolet lights, since ozone is known to destroy lung tissue, why are you using ultraviolet?
A. We do not use produce ozone with our ultraviolet lamps, because we use special quartz glass to prevent ozone leakage.
Q. Does the air get enough exposure to the ultraviolet to be effective?
A. Yes. There is sufficient contact time due to the air moving through the Clarifier with a random mix of air in the ultraviolet chamber, plus exposure to reflective light there is more than enough germicidal dosage to deactivate the DNA of bacteria and viruses. Our units are engineered to produce a high enough UV dosage (light intensity and exposure time) to destroy airborne pathogens.
Q. Does the ultraviolet serve any other purpose?
A. The ultraviolet used in the Clarifier air purifier primarily serves as a disinfectant technology to reduce and eliminate bacteria and viruses. Ultra violet is also used in water filtration as a disinfectant technology and also to reduce chlorine. The ultraviolet in the Clarifier is also constantly bathing the HEPA filter to prevent bacteria build up and breakthrough. This safety feature is not available in any other system.
Q. Are any ultraviolet rays given off that may cause eye or any other damage from exposure?
A. Absolutely not. The sealed chamber and "shield plate" does not allow any direct exposure of ultraviolet to the eyes. UV is totally contained within the unit so no direct exposure is permitted.
Q. I noticed you now have a 2 part Carbon & HEPA drum system in the air purifier. Why have you done this?
A. We have recently upgraded the HEPA to laboratory tested hospital grade True HEPA. Also, because many people are chemically and environmentally sensitive, they are more sensitive to smaller concentrations of chemicals. Therefore, they have to change the carbon more frequently, and as a practical and cost saving measure you can now change the carbon drum independently of the HEPA. HEPA can last up to three times longer than the carbon.
Q. I have heard that the Clarifier may be a little noisier than other units; do you have an explanation for this?
A. Actually it is not noisier and this was proven with laboratory testing. What you do hear is more air movement because with the patented "Top Flow" discharge , the air speed out of the unit helps to ensure total room air cleaning, with more air changes per hour you are getting more air circulating in the room.
Q. Can you tell me why you feel your air purifier is more effective than most others?
A. Primarily we used a unique combination of technologies and unique patented features. The "Top Flow" discharge is a unique development of the Clarifier air purifier because of the air being discharged from the top of the unit at a 15 angle it sets up an airflow pattern that is twice as effective in changing air than any other air purifier. Top flow discharge allows for a more efficient air flow pattern, allowing the entire room to be cleaned. (not just a portion of the room, like other units). You can have the best technology in the world, but unless the entire room is cleaned, the overall effectiveness is minimized. The addition of the substantial UV technology with carbon and HEPA filtration is a unique feature of the Clarifier. No other air purifier has this combination; therefore, we can remove a wider range of indoor air contaminants more effectively than any other unit.
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