Hamilton Beach True Air - Air Purifiers

Hamilton Beach True Air - Air Purifiers

Hamilton Beach HEPA air purifiers are suitable for single room use up to 180 sq. feet, and offer 2-way filtration with a carbon pre-filter, and a HEPA filter. Hamilton Beach? hepa air purifier for single room use in residential homes, condos, apartments, offices, kitchens, family rooms, bedrooms and basements. Help clean and circulate air to control indoor pollutants and odors, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and smoke allergies and asthma. Air purifier ratings, reviews and comparisons. Reports by consumer experts.

A very small air purifier for areas up to 180 sq. ft. to throw in the back of the car for use in your hotel room, the baby's room, or your office at work. With a carbon pre-filter for odors, and hepa filter for filtration of particulates, this air purifier offers an amazing value for the money. Hepa replacement filters are much less expensive for these air purifiers than most, and only need replacing once a year. Just do not try to use this air purifier in spaces that are bigger than for which it is intended.

Hamilton Beach? HEPA Air Purifiers are ideal for someone who...

  • Has a room in a home, condo, office or apartment up to 180 sq. ft. who needs clean air circulated in an office, kitchen, family room, bedroom or basement
  • Wants an air purifier with 2 way protection from allergens with 2 stage filtration - a carbon pre-filter, HEPA filter.
  • Wants to reduce airborne particles, allergens, and odors such as dust mites, pollen, pet dander, and smoke
  • Needs an air purifier that is light enough to be moved around from room to room
  • Doesn't want to change filters on a purification unit very often

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Features of Hamilton Beach? HEPA Air Purifiers
Both air purifier models have the following features:

  • Provides high efficiency air filtration for areas up to 180 sq. ft. with true HEPA filtration for 99.97% of particles as small as .3 microns including dust, pollen and smoke
  • Each air purifier comes with 3 fan speed settings:
    1. WhisperClean - use for quiet, nighttime operation or for constant low-speed filtration
    2. Medium - provides a higher fan speed; use to quickly filter dust, pollen, smoke, etc. from a room
    3. QuickClean - provides cleaning during acute needs

  • Contains 3 stage air filtration and odor control system:
    1. Prefilter (carbon based) - replace every 3 months (with continuous use) - used to capture large dust, air particles, and odors.
    2. True Hepa Filter - replace every 12 months (with continuous use)

  • Air flows into the front of the unit and out of the top
  • Long lasting HEPA filter - lasts 1 year depending on use
  • Unit works with any d|cor - neutral color. Can work against a wall or in a corner.
  • Built in carrying handles on either side of the unit.

How to clean air purifiers

  • Wipe the enclosure, control panel, and cord with a damp cloth or sponge
  • The intake grille can be removed and hand washed in warm, soapy water

Note: *no part of the air purifier should be placed in a dishwasher

Ordering replacement parts
Replacement pre-filters, HEPA filters are orderable below.

  1. Hamilton Beach? Air Purifier - Model
    Carbon pre-filter #04922
    HEPA filter #04912

Technical specifications of the Hamilton Beach? HEPA Air Purifiers

Hamilton Beach? HEPA Air Purifier Model

Hamilton Beach
180 sq ft. air purifier

Air purifiers pollutant removal capability (particulates .3 microns or larger)
99.97% removal

Air purification area
(based on 5 ach - air room changes-hour at high speed)
up to 180 sq ft, 10'x18' room

Installation options of air purifiers

Air Purifier filters included
1 carbon prefilter, 1 true HEPA filter

Air Purifier filter life (based on continuous use)

Prefilter - 3 mos.
Hepa Filter - 1 yr.

Clean air density rate (CADR): The amount of clean air measured in cubic ft. per min. that is delivered
130 CADR - dust
130 CADR - tobacco smoke
140 CADR - pollen
AHAM certified data

Finish & Color

13.5" L x 9" w x 19.5" h

Shipping Weight
13.5 lb.

Powercord Length

Air purifier control type
Fan speed knob

"Replace Filter" Indicator

Fan speeds of air purifiers
3 settings - whisperclean, medium, quickclean

Air purifiers warranty

1 year limited warranty to be free from defects in materials and workmanship; no warranty on the filters included

Air Purifier Particle Count Efficiency:
(the actual percentage of particles removed from the air based on our own testing of particles going into the machine vs. particles coming out of the machine)

Low: 90.9%
Medium: 89.4%
High: 69.7%

Average efficiency: 96.9%
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Reports by consumer experts on Hamilton Beach Air Purifiers
Courtesy of Allergy Buyers Club.com

The uniqueness of 2-way filtration with a HEPA filter attracted us to this air purifiers from the start. And, with a time-tested manufacturer that makes many other household appliances, we felt good about the company's business reputation for producing quality equipment.


  • We like that this air purifier offers 2-way filtration: with prefilter and HEPA filter.
  • This air purifier is lightweight. At 11.5 lbs it is very easily moved from room to room.
  • A nice safety feature is built into this air purifiers - the auto shut-off feature turns off the fan if you remove the grill on the front of the air purifier to change a filter.


  • Only good for small areas up to 180 sq. ft., so this unit is best for only a small room.
  • On low speed setting, this air purifier is slightly louder than a computer; It is the same noise level as the Austin Jr. air purifiers, and a bit louder than the smaller models
  • This air purifier is noisy on high speed, but it can clear a room quickly from particulates due to the high fan power; you can use the high speed setting to clean a room and then turn it down when the air quality is improved.
  • We don't recommend this air purifier for gas and VOC removal
  • Annual maintenace costs are slightly higher than other small air purifiers.

Summary: This Hamilton Beach air purifier is for someone with medium allergies for particulate, bacteria, and virus control. You get an easy to maintain, efficient air cleaner usually found in more expensive air cleaners for a very reasonable price. This air purifier gets the job of air purification done in a small room. Plus with a 3 year warranty, you won't be disappointed with this economically priced air cleaner. We also suggest checking out a more inhanced model- the

Availability: Usually ships out in 1 week

Hamilton Beach? HEPA Air Purifiers Model 04150


Availability: This air purifier has been been discontinued. We recommend the for 200 sq. ft as an alternative.


Hamilton Beach Air Purifier 180-200 sq. ft. Carbon Prefilter (3 pack)


Replace every 3 months (with continuous use) - used to capture large dust, air particles, and odors. Can be used with Hamilton beach air purifier models 04161, 04160 and 04150.

Replacement HEPA filters - Hamilton Beach Air Purifier 180-200 sq. ft.


Replace hepa filters every 12 months (with continuous use) - used to capture small particles. Replacement hepa filters can be used with Hamilton beach air purifier models 04161, 04160 and 04150.