Health Issues of Indoor Air Quality

Health Issues of Indoor Air Quality

Here's why you need a AllerAir air cleaner system.
Your Indoor Air
The health risks of toxic indoor air in your home or work place

Indoor air pollution
The EPA has noted that indoor air may be 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air and that we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, half of that in our own homes.

Sealed tight
Today's homes are sealed tight to shelter us efficiently from the heat or cold and this results in low ciculation of air and infrequent changes.

Minute particles
Our indoor air contains minute particles such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen and mold spores that can cause symptoms such as asthma, allergies and other respiratory difficulties

Airborne chemicals
To add to this many of today's cleaning products, furniture, carpets and building materials give off chemicals which are hazardous to health.

Choose a solution that really works
A high efficiency air cleaner will alleviate these problems by circulating the air through a series of filters that trap these toxins and remove them from the air you breathe.

Don't be disappointed
It is important to buy an air cleaner with the capacity to trap both particles and gases and odors. So many people are disappointed when they bring home an off the shelf unit that is only effective for particles and find that it doesn't change anything.

Clean indoor air: essential for good health
An AllerAir air cleaner is an investment that will help you and your family lead a longer, healthier life and avoid the distress of respiratory problems and expensive medical treatments.
You may ask yourself: "where are we exposed to contaminated air that can cause ailments?"


No matter how clean we think our indoor environments are, we are still exposed to biological contaminants, toxic gases, particulates, and unpleasant odors. Whether at home, work, in our cars, on airplanes, in hotels, movie theaters, restaurants, and on and on, we are breathing in millions of pollutant molecules.

There is nothing our bodies have greater exposure to than the air we breathe. Since the average person inhales over 10,000 quarts of air a day, it's obvious the impurities, contaminants, and pollutants it contains can affect our health.


1 - The American College of Allergists says "50% of all illness is aggravated or caused by polluted indoor air."
2 - The EPA in its report to Congress stated that "Indoor air represents one of the most important problems based on an estimated population risk.
3 - The American Medical Association has concluded that "air pollution can affect not only the lungs, but virtually every organ and system of the body."
Do you or a Loved One Have a Mold Allergy?
Along with allergies and chemical sensitivities, so many of our common ailments are caused by the bad stuff in the air we breathe. Unfortunately, most symptoms from indoor air are similar to other common illnesses so we do not recognize their true cause.

Have you ever suffered any of the following symptoms and realized they are often caused by indoor air contaminants?
memory loss
eye irritations
nose irritations
throat irritations
skin irritations
sinus infection
ear infection
respiratory infection
Our AllerAir Air Cleaner systems may be the answer you are looking for.