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#1 Manufacturer of Space Heaters
With more than 15 years experience, Holmes? is the #1 brand
of electrical space heaters. Holmes? continues to offer the most innovative features and newest technologies in the heater market today. Choose from a variety of styles and elements including heater fan, ceramic, radiant, oil-filled and utility heaters.

Lower Energy Costs
A portable electric heater can supplement a central heating system and actually lower energy bills. By using the space heater to heat just the room that is occupied, the central heating thermostat can be lowered. With our digitally controlled thermostats, the temperature can be set to the degree thus adding to the energy savings. An electric heater is also ideal to heat rooms that aren't connected to central heating like room additions, basements, workshops and garages.

Easy to Use Controls
Our New ? heaters are the latest in thermostat technology. These easy to use electronic thermostats maintain the room to your predetermined temperature setting. One button does it all: sets power, precise temperature, and wattage. This brand new technology can be found in heater fans, ceramics, and radiant heaters.