Heaven Fresh - Neo-Tec Air Purifier, Air Cleaner

1. The Electronically-Created Breeze Draws Pollutants into the Air Inlet. The negatively-charged pins and positively-charged dust collection plates create air flow, without the use of a fan. This air flow helps to draw air through the air inlet located at the top of the XJ-2000 air ionizer.

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2. Pollutants are Magnetically Attached to the Electrostatically-Charged Plates. The negatively-charged pins give particles & pollutants a negative charge, which are then magnetically attracted to the positively-charged plates. Particles & pollutants then remain magnetically trapped on the stainless steel plates until wiped clean with a dry or damp cloth.

3. The Electronic Breeze Circulates the Purified and Ionized Air Through the Air Outlet. The electronic breeze pushes the purified air through the air outlet, or front grill of the XJ-2000 ionic air purifier. The negative ions produced by the negatively-charged pins (a.k.a. needlepoints) also emits negative ions into the air.

4. Negatively-Charged Pins Electronically Circulate Trillions of Air-Cleaning Negative Ions Throughout the Room. The high density of negative ions released into the air have the ability of circulating throughout the room, via natural air currents and the electrical reactivity of the ions. This enables the XJ-2000 air ionizer to remove particles & pollutants from the air, even if they are not drawn past the dust-collection plates.

Removing and Cleaning the Dust-Collection Plates:

1. Remove the stainless steel dust collection plate.
2. Wipe off with a rag. Use a detergent or other cleaning solution if necessary.
3. After you have cleaned the plate, re-insert the dust collection plate into the air ionizer.