Hepa Filter Q&A: How Many Hours a Day Should An Air Cleaner Run? Air cleaner use recommendations by Frank Hammes President of IQAir

Editor's note: David on the AllergyBuyersClub.com Staff posed this question about when to run an air cleaner to Frank Hammes
Hallo Dave,
The air that we breathe can never be too clean. IQAir recommends to run its air cleaners whenever a sensitive person is present at the highest speed that is acceptable. Since many individuals leave the space in which they use an IQAir air cleaner for several hours a day, it may be possible to have the units off during this time. We recommend however to program the timer to have the air cleaner to turn itself on two hours before the individual enters the space. This will ensure that the individual returns to a space with clean air, while not unnecessarily wasting energy and filter life.

For somebody who works outside the house and uses the at home, this means that the may run for about 16 hours a day. For someone who uses an IQAir in their office, this means that the IQAir may run for about 10 hours a day. For someone who works from home, the air cleaner may run 24 hours a day.
Individuals that do not mind to spend the extra energy and hepa filter cost, but really want the absolute best air cleaning improvement in a space, will want to have the air cleaner run continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.This will constantly remove pollutants from the air and should over time cut down on the amount of dust in a home.
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