Home & Industrial Low Temp Dehumidifiers - Ebac CD30

Home & Industrial Low Temp Dehumidifiers - Ebac CD30

Ebac CD 30 home & industrial dehumidifiers for crawl spaces or harsh industrial or marine environment dehumidification. Dehumidifies up to a 400 sq. ft. room and removes up to 17 pints of water per day. Dehumidifiers ratings, reviews and comparisons. Reports by consumer experts.

dehumidifier is perfect for moisture control in cold areas with space constraints such as attics or crawl spaces. Its unique size of 1 ft. high x 1 ft. wide and low energy consumption make it an excellent choice for smaller areas. This unit is very quiet with a sound level similar to a quiet conversation, and can remove moisture down to 33??F thanks to Ebac's ?Hot Gas" defrosting feature which automatically eliminates frost build up on evaporator coils, providing continuous, effective dehumidifier operation at low temperatures.

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Ebac CD30 Low Temperature Dehumidifiers are ideal for someone who...

  • Has a need for durable, industrial strength dehumidifiers for an area up to 400 sq. ft. in either moderately damp to extremely wet areas
  • Needs dehumidification up to 17 pints of water removal per day
  • Flexible size - these dehumidifiers are especially suited for crawl spaces
  • Needs a dehumidifier with low temperature operation down to 33??F
  • Wants a quiet dehumidifier with a low power draw
  • Wants carry handle on dehumidifier for easy mobility, or dehumidifiers suitable for permanent installation
  • Wants a dehumidifier with an internal adjustable humidstat
  • Has safe, hot gas defrost - quickly warms dehumidifier so it keeps running in cold conditions

Features of Ebac CD30 Low Temperature Dehumidifiers

  • Unique size for crawl spaces or tight spots: Just 1 ft. high x 1 ft. wide x 22 in. deep
  • Efficient water removal: up to 17 pints per day
  • Rugged: steel chassis on dehumidifiers for long term durability
  • Safe "hot gas" defrost system: built-in feature in Ebac dehumidifiers that automatically eliminates frost build-up providing effective operation at temperatures down to 33??F
  • Energy efficient: Dehumidifier uses only 2.5 amps of energy used per hour to run - about 250 watts
  • Simple to operate: dehumidifier accepts standard 115 v. - plugs in anywhere
  • Optional humidistat controller offered below that the Triton dehumidifier can simply plug into for automatic humidity control

Technical Specifications of Ebac CD30 Low Temp Dehumidifiers

Home or Industrial Dehumidifier

Ebac CD30 Low Temp Dehumidifiers
(Home, Industrial)

Water-Removal Capacity
(pints per day set at 80??F, 60%RH)

17 pts.

Dehumidifier area:
(in ideal conditions set at 80??F, 60%RH for 24 hours; conditions may vary)

up to
400 sq ft

Dehumidifiers CFM (blower air flow)

170 cfm

Use these Dehumidifiers in:

1 room indoor home or office crawl space, remote pump stations, pipe galleries, electronic equipment areas

An EPA Energy Star certified dehumidifier


Dehumidifier washable filter


Hepa air purifier filter option


Carrying handles


Wheel mounted dehumidifier


Positioning of dehumidifiers

mobile, ductable

Dehumidification humidistat control


Dehumidifier auto shut-off


Dehumidifiers Bucket Full Indicator Lights

No Bucket

Direct hose conn. for drainage of dehumidifiers


Dehumidifiers operating temp. range

down to 33?F

Dehumidifiers power supply (voltage, watts, amps, hertz)

2.5 amps

Hot Gas Defrost


Dehumidifiers CFC-free Refrigerant Type


Fan speeds of dehumidifiers


Condensate pump for dehumidifiers

Yes - optional (sold below)

Dehumidifiers noise level (decibels)

47 dba

Other dehumidifier features

-Extra long power cord
-ready for hose attachment for gravity drainage

Dehumidifiers dimensions

12 "H x
12"W x 22"D

Dehumidifiers weight (lbs)


Dehumidifiers warranty

1 year - Parts/Labor

Reports by consumer experts on Ebac CD30 Low Temperature Dehumidifiers
Courtesy of Allergy Buyers Club.com


  • Good value: For low temp dehumidifier, good for moisture removal in cold spaces such as garage, attic or basement
  • Energy efficient: Runs at a low amperage draw of 2.5 amps per hr, resulting in low energy costs
  • Small size: This dehumidifier can be used in an area such as crawlspaces - only 1 ft. high
  • Durable: The CD30 Dehumidifier can be used in a harsh industrial or a marine environment
  • Portability: Can be installed permanently or easily transported to job sites or problem moisture areas. Features a sturdy military type carrying handle and an extra long power cord.
  • Low temperature operation: Will operate down to 33??F before shutting off. The "Hot Gas" defrost automatically eliminates frost build up
  • Quiet operation: Dehumidifier operates at 47 decibels (compare to 20 dba as a whisper, and 60 dba as a normal conversation)


  • Casters: Not available. Dehumidifier must be carried or trasported via a two wheel cart or dolly.

Summary: This is a durable, quiet, self sufficient dehumidifier ideal for crawl spaces or smaller, harsh industrial or marine environments. The low temperature operation and portability of the CD30 make it an excellent choice for those hard to solve dehumidification areas.

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Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

Availability: These CD30 dehumidifiers usually ship out in 7 days. These dehumidifiers are factory tested before they are sent out.

Home & Industrial Low Temp Dehumidifiers - Ebac CD30


Dehumidifiers for home use by Ebac with operation down to 33??F. Industrial & home dehumidifier covers up to a 400 sq. ft. room, removes 17 pints of water per day.

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Availability: In Stock

Condensate Pump with Tubing

Ideal attachment for constant drainage of dehumidifier. Comes with 20 ft. of tubing. Pumps water up to 15 ft. high.

Availability: In Stock

Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer with Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor


This thermometer indicates the temperature indoors or outdoors and the humidity indoors. It features a large digital LCD display with clock for easy reading, minimum - maximum temperature read out with memory, light button, wall mount or folding stand, 10 foot outdoor weather-proof sensor wire.

Total Humidity Controller


Humidity controller will accurately control the relative humidity in a room (choose between 20% to 70% in 5% increments) automatically by connecting to dehumidifiers or humidifiers, and powering these units on and off to maintain the desired humidity in a room.
Please Note: Your humidity goal should be 40-50%, and in most cases, the lowest humidity level reached will be 40%. If your unit already has an adjustable humidistat, turn it to the continuous setting if available, or to its highest (driest) setting.