Home Low Temp Dehumidifiers - Ebac HD880

Home Low Temp Dehumidifiers - Ebac HD880

Ebac HD 880 dehumidifiers for home, or office dehumidification to help prevent water damage and control odors, mildew, mold, allergies and asthma. Dehumidifies up to a 375 sq. ft. room and works down to 36??F. Dehumidifiers ratings, reviews and comparisons. Reports by consumer experts.

These dehumidifiers are the unit of choice for a bedroom because they are our quietest models, at about the sound level of a quiet conversation. Each dehumidifier offers impressively low temperature operation down to 36??F, uses very little energy to run, and has a unique carbon deodorizing filter and drainage kit (bucket, hose, and clamp) included. Other dehumidifier features include side air discharge for convenient placement against the wall, and washable air filter.

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Ebac HD880 Dehumidifiers are ideal for someone who...

  • Wants a low temperature operation (down to 36??F) dehumidifier for up to 375 sq. ft.
  • Wants a dehumidifer with dehumidistat control to set your desired relative humidity level
  • Wants a dehumidifier to help get rid of damp, musty odors from excess moisture - included carbon filter helps deodorize areas
  • Wants a washable air filter included with dehumidifier
  • Wants convenient front mounted bucket or direct floor drainage options - permanent drainage kit included with dehumidifiers

Features of the Ebac HD880 Dehumidifiers

    Delonghi Dehumidifiers Features & Accessories
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    Ebac water bucket

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    Ebac control dials
  • Adjustable humidistat: Set dehumidifiers between 30% to 80%
  • Low temperature operation: Will operate down to 36 degrees and has a frost guard so the compressor will shut down if ice begins to form on the coils
  • 3 speed fan: with optional fan only operation
  • Power on indicator light
  • Water tank full indicator with auto shut-off: useful so tank won't overflow if using the bucket, and not the drainage kit with dehumidifier
  • Removable, washable air filter: Filters out dust when air forced out from dehumidifiers
  • CFC-free refrigerant: R134a used by dehumidifiers
  • Deodorizing carbon filter: for dehumidifiers supplied by allergybuyersclub.com as standard
  • Permanent drainage kit: Supplied by allergybuyersclub.com as standard for dehumidifiers
  • Many applications:
    - Improves air quality by stopping mold and mildew; odor associated with the mold and mildew will also be controlled by these units
    - Can prevent fungi and viruses from forming
    - Dust mites are prevented and controlled
    - Prevents condensation from forming on windows, walls, ceilings
    - Protect carpet, wallpaper, and furniture from moisture damage

How Ebac HD880 Dehumidifiers Work

Air is drawn into the Ebac dehumidifier by a fan which as been selected for its quiet operation yet draws in sufficient air to control the excess moisture throughout the house. Air is drawn into the Ebac from the front grill and discharged on the left side. Damp air is drawn into the dehumidifier and is cooled by a powerful refrigeration unit. Since the air cannot retain moisture at this low temperature, the moisture condenses and is collected in a removable container. The container is fitted with a sensor which switches the Ebac off when it fills up. The air inside the dehumidifier is now dry and cold. The energy that was removed during the cooling phase is now added back by the heat exchanger. The air is then returned to the room much dryer and physically warmer than before.

Technical Specifications of the Ebac HD880 Home Dehumidifiers

Water-Removal Capacity
(pints per day set at 80??F, 60%RH)

24 pts.

Dehumidifier area:
(in ideal conditions set at 80??F, 60%RH for 24 hours; conditions may vary)

up to a
375 sq ft room

Dehumidifiers CFM (blower air flow)

150 cfm

Use these Dehumidifiers in:

1 room indoor home or office rooms

Dehumidifier washable filter


Hepa air purifier filter option


Carrying handles


Wheel mounted dehumidifier


Positioning of dehumidifiers

free standing & mobile

Dehumidification humidistat control


Dehumidifier auto shut-off


Dehumidifiers Bucket Full Indicator Lights


Direct hose conn. for drainage of dehumidifiers


Dehumidifiers operating temp. range

36 to 90?F

Dehumidifiers power supply (watts, voltage)

115v, 60hz

Hot Gas Defrost

No - Passive Defrost

Dehumidifiers CFC-free Refrigerant Type


Fan speeds of dehumidifiers


Condensate pump for dehumidifiers

No - gravity dependent

Dehumidifiers noise level (decibels)

45 dba (compare to whisper at 20 dba, normal conversation at 60 dba)

Other dehumidifier features

-Deodorizing carbon filter included
-Permanent drainage kit included

Dehumidifiers dimensions

23"H x
13.75"W x 12"D

Dehumidifiers color


Dehumidifiers weight (lbs)


Dehumidifiers warranty

1 year - Parts & Labor

Reports by consumer experts on Ebac HD880 Home Dehumidifiers
- Good
Courtesy of Allergy Buyers Club.com

This a residential heavy duty high performance dehumidifier. Our testers have all reported exceptionally high performance with this dehumidifier and those with severe molds and mildew problems (such as mold forming on the clothes in the laundry room) have told us it immediately cleared up these problems.


  • Space saving design - these dehumidifiers are designed so you can place them right against a wall, because the air flows in through the front of the unit and the dry air exits out the left side
  • Low noise level - our testers feel these are the quietest dehumidifiers compared to all others we sell - sound similar to a quiet conversation (in between a whisper and a normal conversation level)
  • Very energy efficient - only draw about 2 amps when dehumidifiers are running
  • Easy to carry water removal bucket - Has a water removal tank shaped like a plastic "jug" with a nice handle, and bucket is splash proof as well as easy to remove
  • Environmentally sound - CFC-free refrigerant used in dehumidifiers
  • Automatic passive defrost system - controlled by a microprocessor will keep the Ebac dehumidifiers from freezing up - the compressor will shut down if ice begins to form on the coils
  • Washable air filter - In addition to removing moisture from the air, these dehumidifiers filter the air, and offer an easy to remove washable filter
  • Choose from multiple drainage options - dehumidifiers include a free gravity drainage kit (an added bonus from Allergy Buyers Club) which includes a bucket, hose, and clamp

  • Since the exterior housing is made of press board, you cannot use the dehumidifiers in a very damp environment

Summary: This dehumidifier is compact, powerful and quiet for home use. We particularly like it as it has an adjustable humidistat to control the level of humidity. We also supply a carbon odor removal filter with every unit which is a very nice plus and especially useful in basement situations. Additionally, this dehumidifier comes with a permanent drainage kit. The drainage kit and carbon filter are usually extras but we supply them as standard with all our Ebac humidifiers. For people who want to dehumidify a very large space, or need precise humidity control under adverse conditions, this unit will probably not be sufficient and a larger unit would be recommended. This unit does contain some particle board which would make it unsuitable for very damp basements.

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Warranty: 1 year parts and labor

Availability: These dehumidifiers usually ship out in 7 days. These dehumidifiers are factory tested before they are sent out.

Home Low Temp Dehumidifier - Ebac HD880


Dehumidifiers for home and office by Ebac for operation down to 36??F. Dehumidifier covers up to a 375 sq. ft. room, removes 24 pints of water per day.

Retail price: $472 plus $195 shipping (48 states only). Shipping cost will be automatically added in shopping cart.

Availability: Shipping end of June 2005

Condensate Pump with Tubing

Ideal attachment for constant drainage of dehumidifier. Comes with 20 ft. of tubing. Pumps water up to 15 ft. high.

Availability: In Stock

Digital Thermometer and Hygrometer with Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor


This thermometer indicates the temperature indoors or outdoors and the humidity indoors. It features a large digital LCD display with clock for easy reading, minimum - maximum temperature read out with memory, light button, wall mount or folding stand, 10 foot outdoor weather-proof sensor wire.

Total Humidity Controller


Humidity controller will accurately control the relative humidity in a room (choose between 20% to 70% in 5% increments) automatically by connecting to dehumidifiers or humidifiers, and powering these units on and off to maintain the desired humidity in a room.
Please Note: Your humidity goal should be 40-50%, and in most cases, the lowest humidity level reached will be 40%. If your unit already has an adjustable humidistat, turn it to the continuous setting if available, or to its highest (driest) setting.