Honeywell HW16060 Portable Air Cleaner

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Product Description

Honeywell (16060) Portable Air Cleaner

  • This Honeywell cleaner's HEPA-type filter and Activated Carbon filter together reduce common irritants such as Pollen, Household Dust, Tobacco Smoke Particles, Cat Dander, and Mold Spores
  • Most of the best health spas are situated in or near mountains, and apart from picturesque surroundings, the air must be a big part of whatever salutary effects partakers derive from visiting such resorts
  • Alas, most of us live in or near major cities, and our air quality is far from pristine
  • Winter weather traps in bad air, compounding the problem
  • That's where a good air cleaner comes into play
Customer Reviews:
  • "Packs a punch"
    We have over 20 birds, 4 dogs and live on the lake. Dust, dander and the likes are commonplace. I happened upon this particular air cleaner at a discounter and purchased it for a great price. I am very pleased with the results! The room I have it in is much larger in size than what is recommened for this particular model and even then this little guy packs a punch! The only negative is the cost of the replacement filters. We are an extreme example, however. If a small room ( 8 X 10 is recommended ) with limited pollutents is in receipt of this wonderful contraption, I can't imagine anyone being dissatified....more info