Hoover Silent Air 4000 Air Purifier

The Silent Air SA4000 quietly cleans rooms up to 500 sq feet. It removes many allergens such as air borne mold spores, pollen, and animal dander from the air.

Includes 6 month supply of collection sheets(filter). Most fan-powered air cleaners move and filter larger dust particles. Hoover? SilentAir? air purifier does more. It electronically and quietly purifies the air in a home or office by releasing negative ions. These charged ions circulate throughout a room attaching themselves to particles in the air, such as dust, pollen, and bacteria. But unlike standard ionizers, Hoover? SilentAir? air purifier takes the purification process a step further. Its positively charged Dielectric Collection Sheet attracts and traps these minute contaminants, removing them from the air rather than simply allowing the negatively charged particles to fall within the room.

  • The Hoover? SilentAir? air purifier is virtually silent. Since it is fanless, there is no irritating noise to interrupt work or sleep, and it will never produce a draft.
  • The Hoover? SilentAir? air purifier requires very minimal maintenance. The only part of the unit that ever needs regular maintenance is the dielectric collection sheet which should be changed every three or four weeks.
  • The Hoover? SilentAir? air purifier's ionization is adjustable according to room size and requirements. It is possible and advisable to tailor the quality of negative ions emitted by Hoover? SilentAir? Purifier as part of its purifying process.
  • Lifetime operation. Since the Hoover? SilentAir? has no moving components, there are no parts to wear out. Regular replacement of used dielectric collection sheets and cleaning is all that is required to ensure proper function of Hoover? SilentAir? unit.
  • The Hoover? SilentAir? requires only 4 watts of electricity to operate.
    More Information
    • Virtually Silent, economical way to purify the air
    • Designed for around-the-clock use
    • Electrostatic technology traps small contaminants
    • Dimensions: 12" x 21" x 2"
    • Shipping weight: 9 lbs
    • Lightweight, slim design fits in any decor
    • Includes 6 month supply of collection sheets
    • One Year Warranty