Horizontal Faucet-Mounted Water Filter

For easy access to clean drinking and cooking water all of the time, consider this Faucet-Mounted Water filter. The PUR Ultimate water filter provides efficient filtration by reducing trihalomethanes, chemical chlorine by-products as well as asbestos, atrazine (an herbicide), benzene, chlorine, MTBE, lead, lindane (an insecticide) and mercury. In addition, the pleated Microfilter removes 99.99% of the microbiological cysts cryptosporidium and giardia as well as reducing asbestos. It installs easily onto all standard faucets without the use of tools. And the filter lasts from 2-3 months. A clearly marked indicator lets you know when it's time for a new filter. Includes one extra replacement filter. (Sku: #186766)


Cleaning & Care :   Mild soap, towel dry