Humidifier & Air Purifier - Bemis 2 in 1

Humidifier & Air Purifier - Bemis 2 in 1

Bemis cool mist humidifiers & air purifiers are multi room humidifiers for use in the home, bedroom or office to filter the air and help relieve sinus pressure and headaches, allergies and asthma with clean, moist air. Bemis air purifier and humidifiers are exceptionally quiet. Cool mist humidifier ratings, reviews and comparisons. Reports by consumer experts.

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For those who are looking for a cost effective solution to two problems - dry and polluted air. Both the air purifer and the humidifier are plain vanilla but offer tremendous value. The "summer lock" feature allows someone to disable the humidifier and run only the air purifier, which is unique because other dual humidifiers require both the humidifier and air purifier to be run together all the time.

Bemis 2 in 1 Air Purifier & Humidifiers are suitable for someone who...

  • Needs a portable, multiroom cool mist dual air purifier & humidifier for purifying and moisturizing dry air in adjacent rooms in the home or office up to 750 sq. ft.
  • Would like to clean and moisten the air in a baby nursery or children's bedroom
  • Wants relief from dust, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, smoke, dry skin, chapped lips, parched throat, itchy eyes, or static electricity
  • Wants a quiet air purifier & humidifier that features an air filter and evaporative wicking action - a natural process of evaporation that is ideal for a minimum of noise in the bedroom
  • Wants 2 easy-to-remove water reservoirs for longer moisture dispersion
  • Wants to control the air humidity levels in the room with an automatic humidistat that adjusts the moisture in the air to suit your needs
  • Wants the humidifier to automatically maintain the preferred level of humidity

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Features of the Bemis 2 in 1 Air Purifier & Humidifiers

  • An air purifier filter traps airborne particles for allergy control
  • An evaporative wicking action that emits a quiet, clean cool mist into the air - ideal for the baby nursery or children's bedroom
  • Fits easily on nightstands and dressers
  • Fast cleaning; cleans the air in a 12' by 14' room 4 times per hour
  • Can disperse up to 3.3 gallons of water per 24 hour period over 750 square feet of space
  • Two easy-to-fill tinted plastic containers that hold 1.5 gallons of water each
  • Exclusive smart comfort sensor with automatic humidistat for controlling humidity levels in the area
  • Special night time setting and automatic shut-off when out of water
  • During the summer you can use the Lock-On feature to run only the air purifier
  • Adjustable three speed fan
  • Clean Air Delivery Ratings (CADR): Pollen 110, Dust 125, Smoke 90 - verified by AHAM independent tests
  • Superior top-flow design sends clean, humidified air upward and eliminates drafts
Care and Use Instructions for the Bemis Humidifier: The humidifier should be cleaned regularly when in use with soap and water. Bleach should not be used. The water wicks inside the unit should be changed every 3-4 months. The manufacturer recommends replacing the air filter once a year. The grills on top are removable if you need to wipe out the fan.

Technical specifications of the Bemis 2 in 1 Air Purifier & Humidifiers

Humidifier Models

Bemis Air Purifier & Humidifier

Type of mist

Cool Mist

Water capacity

Two easily removable 1.5 gallon water reservoirs

Humidifier fan speeds


Power supply of humidifiers
(Volt, Hertz, Watts)

120v, 60hz, 65watts

Humidifier weight

approx. 12 lbs (empty)

Room area coverage

up to 750 sq. ft.

Dimensions of humidifier

19.5" x 12" x 13.25"

Water dispersion

Up to 3.3 gallons per 24 hr period


Grey granite with blue bottle

Auto shut-off


Humidifier Warranty

2-year limited

Reports by consumer experts on Bemis Cool Mist 2 in 1 Humidifiers
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The Bemis 2 in 1 cool mist humidifier is unique from most other dual air purifiers and humidifiers because the humidifier can be disabled during the summer, leaving only the air purifier to run.

  • Provides both moisture and clean air: the combination of being an air purifier and humidifier results in an economically sized machine that meets the need for moist and clean air in a small space
  • Summer lock feature turns off humidifier: allows the humidifier to be disabled during the summer, leaving only the air purifier to run. This is a superior feature, because other dual humidifiers require both the humidifier and air purifier to be run together all the time
  • 2 easy to refill water tanks: there are 2 water tanks that are easy to refill and more manageable than other humidifiers since they are 1.5 gallons each


  • The unit still needs to be cleaned by hand at least once a week (although not as often as some other humidifier models we tested)
  • While replacement parts aren't needed often, there is a wick to change (every 3-4 months), and the humidifier needs a new air filter every year (see care instructions above)

Summary: The Bemis 2 in 1 humidifier was rated very good by our consumer staff and the summer lock feature is unique to the Bemis line of humidifiers. If you want a healthy dual air purifier and humidifier, this is a great choice.

Humidifier & Air Purifier -Bemis 2 in 1

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