Humidifier Filters and Holmes Humidifier Replacement Filters


Humidifier Filters
To get the best performance out of your humidfier we recommend following these simple maintenance steps.

Always turn off and unplug the humidifier before cleaning or replacing the filters.

Filter Replacement
For all humidifiers it is important to know that filter replacement time is largely dependent on how hard the water is and how often the unit is used. The timeframes listed below are simply guidelines.

Evaporative WickFilters (Cool Mist, Console)
Replace every 4-8 weeks or when the filter turns mostly brown. For units equipped with FilterCheck?, be sure to consult the indicator for filter condition.

Water Purification Filters (Warm Mist, Ultrasonic)
Replace every 2-3 months. The filter is designed to remove minerals in the water that make the humidifier difficult to clean. If more minerals than normal are collecting on the water tray and heating element, it is time to change the water purification filter.
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