Hunter 35180 CareFree 1.5-Gallon Vaporizer Plus

Customer Reviews:
  • Good vaporizer
    Great all around vaporizer but I wish there was a way to fill it with the top on so that it wouldn't overflow when you put the top blue vaporizer piece into the lower white tank. It does gurgle quite a bit but that seems to provide "white noise" for the baby to sleep to. Make sure to clean with vinegar as this improves performance quite a bit. Also the direction state not to add anything to the water like Vick's vaporizer "mix". I haven't but can't see how this would harm the unit...Maybe it removes the anti-bacteria coating. There should be a provision for this. They have a cup were the steam comes out but Vick's recommend not placing the mix in there so I dilute with water and place in there anyway. Seems to work fine that way....more info
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  • 2 in 1 safety lock
  • Detachable cord for ease of refilling
  • Vari-Mist dial controls the amount of vapor released
  • Medicine cup is removable and dishwasher safe
  • Dishwasher safe ToteAway tank w/large opening for easy refills