IQAir Air Purifiers Controls



IQAir Air Purifiers Controls

IQAir air purifiers make operation and controlling speed and timing an easy task for users. All air purifiers come equipped with a digital control panel. This control panel not only makes it easy for a customer to control speeds, settings and timing of the purifier but it also displays the life of the filter and whether it needs to be replaced.  The control panel will show the user a green light if the filter is new and still very effective. The light on the control panel will turn yellow if the filter is becoming a bit dirty and less effective. A red light on the control panel indicates to the user that the filter needs to be replaced. With such a complex reading of the life of the filter, IQAir purifiers take away the guessing game of filter replacement. A user can be confident that a filter with a green light on the control panel is working to 100% efficiency. With the control panel on these units, users no longer have to keep track of how many months one filter has been in the purifier and if it needs to be changed yet. The red light will inform the user that it is time to order a fresh filter.

This filter reading system makes the performance of the air purifier safer for the customer. Customers with an air purifier that contains an old and dirty filter can give a user a false sense of security. The user thinks that the air he or she is breathing has been cleaned and is free of toxins. However, if the filter is no longer effective and the user is unaware of this, the air is not being cleaned properly and more than likely still consists of particles and chemicals. The filter replacement system used by IQAir can keep track of what speed the unit has been working on and what type of environment it has been cleaning. By taking these factors into mind, the system is able to be more accurate when determining the life of the filter. The control panel displays the life of the filter down to the very hour it will become ineffective. This gives the user time to order another replacement filter and to plan out when he or she will receive the filter. Being able to find the precise time the filter will need to be replaced assures the user that he or she will not have to go without the purifier for any length of time.

The design of IQAirs air purifiers is efficient and easy for users. The unit consists of a carry handle on the top. This is used for movement from one room to the other or to transport the unit. All IQAir units are also equipped with locking arms on both sides that snap open. When these side arms are opened, the whole unit is assessable to the user. Filter replacement or cleaning is made simpler by the use of these locking arms. The opening of the arms makes obtaining the filter a simple slide out of the unit. The locking arms are effortless to open and close. They only require a quick snapping motion to unlock or lock into place.

The unit is shaped in a semi-circle on the bottom portion that rests on the floor. The reasoning behind this design is air-intake. The air can be sucked up underneath the unit and cleaned inside. With the bottom of the filter being raised off the floor, it leaves easier access for the air to enter the machine on both sides of the unit.

The IQAir purifier offers users a choice between six different fan settings. There are many air purifiers that only offer a choice between two or three settings. These slim choices make it hard for a customer to find the proper setting. Sometimes on a very high setting, an air purifier can be louder but more efficient. On a low setting, it can be very quiet and unnoticeable but not as effective or brisk at cleaning the air. With the multiple choice settings of the fan strength that the IQAir products offer, a user can find the perfect setting between the noise and strength of the purifier. The remote control or the control panel located on the top of the unit controls the convenience of the six different speeds.