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IQAir Air Purifiers Gas Removal

Since there are different types of gaseous materials that may need to be removed based on different environments, IQAir offers a variety of gas phase configurations in the GC series of air purifiers. No matter what configuration a GC series product may be equipped with; the air purifier is guaranteed to be effective. This series of products was developed and built with the most powerful parts in order to remove gas and odor hazards.

One of the most important parts of the air purifiers in the IQAir GC series of is the gas cartridges that are present. There are four filter cartridges that exist in the GC series purifier. These cartridges hold up to 12 pounds of effective gas phase media inside them. The cartridges are shaped like cylinders, which is helpful to control the airflow. With this particular shape, the airflow entering the unit is guaranteed to make contact with the gas phase media. Without the threat of leakage of airflow, the GC series of air purifiers is proven to be more effective and will not release contaminated airairflow. The cartridges are also very large in size, which is helpful to the flow of airstream inside the unit as well. With such a large surface area, the cartridges are able to clean a generous amount of airflow at a time and keep the air flowing at a higher rate of speed. The large cartridges and fast flow of airstream cause the unit to be able to clean a greater square footage of air in a shorter period of time. The four gas phase filter cartridges can be chosen to meet a customerĄ¯s specific needs. Some of the cartridges available are able to target chemicals and gases such as formaldehyde, mercury vapors, sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfur, ammonia or amines and eliminate them from the air. There is also a filter cartridge available in the GC series that is not geared toward a specific chemical but is able to filter all chemicals and contaminants in the air in general.

The technology used to design the IQAir GC series doesnĄ¯t just stop at the four filter cartridges. There is also an air filter to catch all particulates in the air. This filter is proven to have 97% efficiency in removing these particles. The filter is also guaranteed to have 99% efficiency in removing all particles that are 0.03 microns or larger. Such an efficient and established pre-filter being present in the unit is essential for the life of the gas phase filter cartridges. By the time the air gets to the four gas phase cartridges, the bigger particles have already been removed which means these cartridges donĄ¯t have to work as hard. They only have to get out the chemicals or any small particles the pre-filter has left behind. The cartridges also donĄ¯t get pores clogged as often since the larger particles in the air are being caught before it enters the cartridges. Not having to deal with all large particles in the air as well as the chemicals makes the lives of these filters longer. Since the four cartridges have longer lives, customers do not have to worry about replacing the filters as often as they would if there was no pre filter available.

The GC series air purifiers are equipped with a high performance fan. This centrifugal fan can be changed between six different fan speeds. Having so many options on fan speeds allows the customers to decide exactly how much airflow is needed for the room. Another efficient quality of the fan is that it requires very low energy to operate. The fan itself only consumes about 30 to 195 watts of energy. The energy efficient fan is a big help to customers, especially those who run factories with many different GC series models running at the same time. If the fans were not so energy efficient, these customers might see a spike in their power bills due to running the air purifying units on a daily basis. The competence of the low-energy fans saves users of the GC series units a lot of money.

After the air is passed through the gas phase filter cartridges, it moves on to the post filter. The post filter is the last stage of air cleaning before the air is released. This filter is present in the GC series purifiers to trap any dust particles that might have been released from the gas cartridges. This filter also picks up any other particles or chemicals that might have been missed from the other filters. The post filter carries up to 85% efficiency in trapping any particles or leftover dust from the other cartridges.

The GC series air purifiers?technological design was developed to aid the machine in the entering and exiting of the air. The air enters the machine through the bottom near the floor and exits through the top. By developing the air intake and air output as far away from each other as possible, the purifier is more efficient in sucking in new and contaminated air to clean. There is a lower probability that the machine will take in the same air that it has just pumped out since the intake and outtake have quite a bit of space between them.

The technology of the HealthPro series and the GC series are what makes IQAir a unique company. With such advanced filters and designs, IQAir has raised the bar in the air purifying field when it comes to effectiveness and efficiency. The company researches, plans and designs each product to meet the needs of specific customers, thoroughly clean the air and be energy efficient for users.