IQAir Air Purifiers and Home Land Security Question on which air purifier is most suitable for defense agaist a chemical, nuclear, or biological attack Answer

What capability would these units have for Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Homeland Defense use?

Thank you,
Ken F.

Hi Ken,
While IQAir air purifiers have not been designed for filtration of Homeland Security related pollutants, IQAir units are the most efficient air purifiers available in their class (high-end room air purifiers). IQAir does not follow or certify their air purifiers to any military specifications, because these specifications are not designed for room air cleaning devices, but gas masks and filters of much different size and different air flow conditions. IQAir does offer their air purifier series with EN1822 certified class H12/13 filters. EN1822 is the world's most current and toughest test for HEPA filters. The EN1822 certification has determined the series HEPA filters up to speed 3, a minimum of 99.95% of those particles for which the filter is determined to offer the least filtration efficiency - a worst case test. At the highest air flow setting, the series HEPA filter was determined to filter at least 99.5% of the most penetrating particles.
This test is a much tougher test than the dated DOP test. In addition, each IQAir HealthPro series air purifier as a whole is individually tested at the Swiss factory to achieve an overall efficiency of over 99. 97% at 0.3 microns. As a test aerosol, normal room air is used for this test, because DOP is a potentially health hazard and normal room air contains plenty of particles in the 0.3 to 0.5 micron size range (typically in the order of one million per cubic foot).
The gas phase filter in the HealthPro Plus air purifier is designed for optimum performance in reducing typical gaseous compounds in a household or office environment. IQAir is currently designing a specific gas phase filter which is optimized for "war gas" applications. The filter can, in case of an emergency, be used by IQAir air purifier owners to optimize the performance of IQAir purification systems under such conditions. The filter is not recommended for everyday use, due to environmental concerns.
They are currently working with the Swiss Army Laboratories on such a filter and hope to offer the IQAir "ABC Emergency Upgrade Kit" by April 2003.
We will keep you updated as to the exact date of availability.
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Dave Barnaby