Important Resource - Canadian Pharmacies by Anonymous

I suffer from osteoarthritis and my HMO are naturally rather reluctant to authorize on an ongoing basis "Celebrex" the new wonder drug that has an equally wondrous price tag of about $10 per pill. So fresh from the golf course and from the mouth of a consultant to the Pharmaceuticals, is my best health tip for this issue, especially for those who pay out of pocket for prescriptions. It is legal for US residents to get a prescription from a US doctor and then send it to a Canadian pharmacy over the Internet who can give you a 90 supply of non-narcotic medication. They recommended I checked it out and guess what that Celebrex is less than $1 per pill in Canada!
Guess where I am going if my HMO drag their feet too much? Thought you might all like to know about this resource. My opinion about this inequity for American consumers is unprintable.