In My Opinion...Response to Article on Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers

The Wall Street Journal ran a very irresponsible article recently, implying that the effectiveness of air cleaners and purifiers was unproven. They based their article on a study which showed that hepa filters reduced cat allergen in the air by 75% but allergy sufferers did not necessarily report a diminution of symptoms. Their spurious conclusion was to question whether air cleaners were any good. So, having been schooled in the scientific method in graduate school, I find this kind of journalism offensive. First of all cat allergen is the finest, most difficult to eliminate and if hepa filters reduced cat allergen by 75% that is a fantastic result!

Most stupid cat owners, and I count myself among them, continually let their cats in the bedroom, reintroducing allergens all the time never giving the filter time to really eliminate them completely. Secondly, I am convinced science will eventually discover that the incidence of allergenic symptoms is based on a complex number of interacting variables in addition to the rating on skin tests, which can include pollen count, diet, nutritional supplements, exercise, weather, menstrual cycle, sleep, stress, clean air in the work environment.
Most of these studies are much too simplistic, the business of severity of allergy symptoms is not a simple cause and effect. Allergy sufferers themselves know intuitively that a multitude of factors effect their symptoms in addition to the pollen count. Unfortunately, we do not know which factor contributes what and how much. I see the whole goal of the allergy sufferer to reduce as many allergens in their environment as much as possible to bring that "thermostat" down. In defense of air cleaners. We are publishing here our review of Blueair air purifier in its totality simply because we do not want any of you to miss it. So, if you have been wondering about purchasing a top of the line air cleaner, we could not recommend the Blueair Air Purifier more highly. The Blueair air purifier is also very quiet and perfect for bedroom use!