Indoor Air Quality Issues - Clean up the Air Indoors Air cleaning at our new office


While we are all thrilled to have moved into our new office, we find that the air quality is a far cry from our last office. In fact, it is an air quality disaster. We are on a busy highway, our parking lot has buses come in and out, we are next door to a garage and our neighbors in the building smoke! When we first took particulate readings in the office and outside, our staff thought there had to be a mistake°≠. they had never seen readings so high. I have been drooping around the office complaining of itching eyes and a congested chest and wondering if I was going to have to work from home on a temporary basis. Physician, cure thyself!

So this is what we are doing, and I will report out the results to you by next month with the data of incremental (or perhaps not) benefits of each step of the way. We have only just started on this project but thought you might be interested in our plan of attack.
A. We considered central HEPA filtration but because part of our heating system is shared (we cannot afford to clean the whole building!), we decided on buying a bunch of . We have 4300 square feet with high ceilings. We bought four and three . The Multigas carbon cartridges are on back order but we are running the HEPA filters. Results to date, we have reduced the particulate monitor readings by nearly 50% in the first 48 hours (remember our high rate of recontamination). We're going to run the filters on high all night to see if we can get even better readings. We turn them down to level 3 and 4 in the daytime.
Actually, I am feeling better already... my eyes are not stinging today.
B. We are arranging with landlord to allow us to put our Guardian on the building's furnaces. The outside air is so disgusting this HAS to be helpful in stopping the really larger particulates from even entering the building.
C. We will climb up and peer into the duct-work. We know that although they have filters that they have never been cleaned. When in doubt, we will get them cleaned ourselves as our landlord will not shoulder the expense, but will let us do it.
D. We will ask our smoking neighbors not to smoke, but quite frankly we think it is unlikely.
F. Okay, the place smells bad. The IQAir HealthPro air purifier carbon filters have improved the smell noticeably but when our soon to arrive IQAir Multigas air purifier carbon filters have done their bit, I will get a student to vapor steam the whole place with a steam cleaner and get that "sweet clean" smell I like so much going here.
G. Incidentally, the water also tastes terrible so we have a Sun-Pure under the counter water filter ordered for our kitchen. The staff voted for a water cooler as a status symbol, but were told firmly by me that our under-counter water filters work just as well, if not better, due to their multi-stage filtration process. Bottled water is such an unnecessary expense.

I will give you all exact data next month on our series of air quality readings. I am bound and determined to get the air squeaky clean around here and I will let you all know which actions we took made the most difference.