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Whole home ionic air purifiers clean the air in an entire home or business rather than a single room. The ionic air purifiers/air cleaners create ionization uniformly within 60 feet of the air purifier, in all directions, on the other side of walls, floors, ceilings and closed doors. Dust, smoke, pollen, dander and other airborne particles attach themselves to the ions and are then removed from the air... leaving clean, crisp, healthy living air.

No other ionic air purifiers, ionizers or ionic breeze air cleaners in the world are capable of creating ions on the other side of walls.
For first time, we now have the means to clean the air in an entire home or business using just a single ionic air purifier. Standard ionic air purifiers are limited to creating ions in only a single room as ions are physical particles which cannot pass through or go around walls. Negative ions also cannot be channeled through metal heating and cooling ductwork where they would be grounded. Ions can however, be created on the other side of walls, floors and ceilings using the proprietary technology employed in whole home ionic air cleaners.

The ionization is created UNIFORMLY & CONTINUOUSLY in a ratio of 4,000 negative to 3000 positive ions per cubic centimeter. This is the same natural balance found outdoors in clean country and mountain environments where people go to feel refreshed and rejuvenated when breathing clean, fresh living air. The negative ion count in a normal home or office is less than 100 per cubic centimeter!

Whole home ionic air purification systems also create natural levels of ozone which works together with ionization to clean the air the same as Mother Nature does it outdoors.

Ionic Air Purifiers actually PURIFY and RE-CREATE living air the same way Mother Nature Does it Outdoors!

These high-tech, state-of-the-art ionic air purifiers/air cleaners electronically produce clean, fresh, revitalized living air for use in home and business. The air cleaners EFFECTIVELY reduce odors - allergens - mold - mildew - second hand smoke - fungi - dust mites - chemical fumes - pet dander - bacteria - pollen and static electricity.

Many people have an acute need for pure fresh air. Although the air purifiers are not medical devices our customers report some Remarkable Effects they attribute to breathing the fresh air produced by the purifiers.

Dramatic benefits reported amongst 4 Million plus satisfied customers include relief from:

Allergies, Asthma, Headaches, Breathing and Sinus Problems, Fatigue, Low Energy, Restless Sleep, Second Hand Smoke, Dog Allergies, Mold Problems, Cat Allergies and Odors.

Polluted air does not have to pass through the ionic air purifiers to be cleaned. By using UNIQUE and proprietary technology, the solution is taken to the problem. Fresh living air is produced by the purifier which leaves your whole home smelling fresh and clean, just like after a thunder and lightning rain storm!

The Ionic Air Purifiers

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compact and portable
no installation required
plug into 110v outlet
low electrical consumption
no duct work required
low maintenance
no replacement filters
complete user control
create a negative-to-positive ion ratio of 4:3
three year parts and labor warranty
LOW ... LOW .... PRICES!

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