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Ionic Pro*
Check their high maintenance, technology, sq footage and shipping
This is from Ionic Pro's Online Help:

mike : how large an area does the Ionic Pro Cover?
** You are now speaking with Serena, Ionic Pro. **
Serena : Welcome to Ionic Pro Customer Service.
mike : Thank You
Serena : The Ionic Pro is reccomended for use in rooms up to 500 square feet.
mike : Thank you
mike : How often do I need to clean the unit
Serena : It will be every 8-10 days. Your cleaning light will turn on when cleaining is needed.
mike : We have a fire place in our home, does that make a difference?
Serena : You may need to clean the unit more often since you have a fireplace.
mike : Finally, what is the warranty and shipping & handling charges?
Serena : The Ionic Pro comes with a 1 year warranty and Shipping and Processing is 19.95 per unit.

Check their price, HIGH lamp replacement cost, FAQs and technology
Image's Breeze*
Check their high maintenance, technology, sq footage and price

Check their price, maintenance, technology and sq footage

Check their price

Check their maintenance, sq footage and technology

Air So Pure*
Check their price, maintenance and sq footage
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We invite you to read the facts about the advanced living air purifier technologies used in our products and you can see for yourself the health concerns associated with the air we breath in our homes, offices and even in our vehicles. RGF based Air Purifier's advanced home air purifier technology combines the best of science and electronics to produce the purest of air.

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We still offer Biozone Air purifiers as well, we believe the RGF based and Biozone Air purifiers are one and two in cleaning and purifying your indoor air quality (IAQ).
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PureAirMan's Air Purifier

PureAirMan EZAireAT

$499.98Color Choice

PureAirMan EZAire 3000 Air Purifier
Color: Granite & Walnut


$699.00 Limited Time Offer $599.00 Plus FREE SHIPPING - call for details

Our EZAireAT offers remote control and air purification up to 2500sqft. Also has sanitation mode to use while you are gone to clear up really tough air problems.

30 watts power consumption
400 cfm variable speed fan
Ozone - 0 - 340 mg/hr
Ion Generation
Available in Walnut Oak Putty Graphite
3 Yr warranty
16 pounds
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
PureAirMan's EZAire 3000 is the ultimate in air purification. Advanced technologies and flexability of control. Check these features and compare.

Five Speed Fan Covers up to 3000SqFt.

An Adjustable Purifier control

LCD Display

Sanitizer feature with adjustable digital timer

Displays Maintenance Reminders

Displays Service Alerts

Manual Operation or Remote Control
Uses Standard household current

Carbon-impregnated lint screen

Optional HEPA-type filtration

Washable Purification Plate

Washable Photo-catalytic Screen

Replaceable UV Lamp

Industry best limited warranty

12.5" high x 9.5" wide x 12.5" deep

Weighs less than 17 pounds

3 Yr warranty
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

PureAirMan EzAireUV


PureAirMan EzAireFL

Uses advanced UV Technology with NO FAN. Weighs only 2 pounds and covers up to 500 sqft. only 6"x12"x3" it fits anywhere and reduces smoke, odors and a broad range of contaminants. TOTALLY SILENT

11 watt
.01ppm oxidation
2 pounds
Coverage up to 500 sqft
One Year Warranty

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
The EzAireFL air purifier is ideal for indoor areas up to 2,200 square feet. It is perfect for the average home, with capabilities that can be used in large and small areas.

The EzAireFL utilizes proprietary technology that provides a synergy of Ion Technology in conjunction with low-level Ozone Generation. This synergy enables EzAireFL to eliminate smoke, odors and tobacco smoke from your indoor breathing space.

Plus the EzAireFL sanitizing function can be used to kill mold, mildew and bacteria.

Finally the powerful 400 CFM fan (extremely quiet) provides highly effective air circulation.

3 Year Warranty
30 Day Money Back Guarantee