Ionic Biozone Air Purifiers - Best Value for the money

BIOZONE Air purification systems use the scientifically advanced, proprietary PURE WAVE process that combines the radiant power of ultraviolet light, a negative ion generator, purifying hydroxyls, activated oxygen, and photo-ionization for the ultimate in air purifying and sanitizing. When air enters BIOZONE'S Air Purification Chamber it is immediately exposed to three powerful methods of purifying - ultraviolet light, hydroxyl cleansers, and activated oxygen - that kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi, breakdown hazardous organic compounds, neutralize toxic gases, and destroy odors.
The resulting "ultra-pure" air is circulated through a negative ion generator, and is then circulated back into the room.
It now carries negative ions for removal of particulates from the air, and low, safe levels of photolic ozone that seek out and destroy other harmful contaminants. All air purification models utilize BIOZONE'S SAFE VOLT Technology, and also incorporate SAFE ZONE Technology for low, safe, photolic ozone control.
Biozone's ATC models are perfect for reducing airborne and surface bacteria hygienically improving your environment. ATCs are used extensively to reduce tobacco smoke, gases and odors in addition to improving shelf life and quality of agricultural products. ATCs can also substantially eliminate the emission of odors created by manufacturing processes or other offending sources.
Here are a few examples of businesses that can benefit from Boizone's ATC Air Purifiers:

Bars, Night Clubs, and Restaurants
Hair & Nail Salons
Print Shops
Veterinary Clinics & Animal Shelters
Medical Clinics
Sports Clubs & Gymnasiums

ANY facility looking to reduce odors or pathogens as a means of attracting more customers or ensuring employee health.

Powerzone models are compact, powerful units that decontaminate and sanitize air and surfaces using advanced electronics with high output ultraviolet light, potent hydroxyls, and photolic ozone.

Powerzone destroys:

offensive odors
hazardous organics
chemical gases.
Powerzone's feature solid state electronics and are designed for professional and commercial use. They are lightweight and portable and easy to operate with just one dial.
Powerzone's are extremely effective where contamination or lingering odor problems exist. They are ideal for cleaning and restoration work. Great for removal of odors from tobacco smoke, urine, body odors, foods, pets, mildew, diapers, sewage, formaldehyde, fire smoke or floods. They can be used to eliminate odors from fresh paint or carpet glue. Powerzone's are often used to freshen hotel rooms, deodorize meeting rooms, convert smoking to non-smoking rooms. And, or course, Powerzone's are a favorite to deodorize cars, trucks, and vans.

BIOZONE PureFood Sanitizers create a sanitizing environment wherever food is stored and prepared.
BIOZONE'S PureFood Sanitizers feature PURE WAVE Technology, the advanced air purification and sanitation process that rids indoor environments of biological contaminants and unpleasant odors.
Food Safety is in the forefront of our industry with media attention, litigation, and government intervention. New standards to keep food safe are here, and the USDA says it is important to apply risk reduction strategies throughout the food chain.
The sanitizing methods BIOZONE uses are acknowledged by the National Food Processors Association as "very efficient in killing pathogens and spoilage organisms." The FDA says the methods are safe for use in food processing, and the USDA stated in a recent study that BIOZONE's methods as a decontaminant for food is safe, effective and environmentally friendly. ASHRAE agreed stating the methods are useful in cold storage along with restaurant and supermarket coolers.

BIOZONE PureFood Sanitizers are easy to operate - simply plug them in and the sanitation begins.

BIOZONE'S 100R/200R Restroom Sanitizers feature PURE WAVE Technology (with SAFE ZONE and SAFE VOLT), the advanced air purification and sanitation process that rids indoor environments of biological contaminants and unpleasant odors.

BIOZONE Sanitizers can dramatically reduce the level of contaminants in your restroom by destroying bacteria, viruses and fungi and neutralize unpleasant odors.

Restroom sanitation presents your standards to your customers, tenants, and employees and studies have shown offensive restroom odors have a detrimental effect on business. Airborne microbes from toilets can land on any surface in your restroom where they are easily contacted and spread.

The BIOZONE Sanitizers can eliminate microorganisms that can cause mold, mildew, odors and disease. BIOZONE'S methods are used the world over for odor control and bacteria reduction.