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Ionic Breeze Quadra Silent Air Purifier Reviews

Mary :) from GA writes about Ionic Breeze:

The Ionic Breeze is SOOOO worth the money I spent on it. I lived in a dorm my freshman year of college and I was always getting sick or having really bad allergy problems. The difference the Ionic Breeze made was incredible! People would actually come in my room and sleep on my floor because the "clean air" helped their allergies at night! Now that I live at home with two Doberman Pinschers (they basically live inside), the Ionic Breeze keeps my house from smelling like, well, two dogs. Also, you will never believe how much dust you inhale until the first time you clean your Ionic Breeze!!! I just use one of those Swiffer cloths to wipe mine down occasionally and it's disgusting to see what the Ionic Breeze pulls out of the air. I love this thing...I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Overall Rating:5

George Thomas from N.Y. writes about Ionic Breeze:

IWe are enjoying the fresh air now that we own this air purifier. We also let our friends know how much your company stands behind the product that you are selling. Maybe if some of the other companies took a good look at the way you do bussines they would sell more of the products. Keep up the good work .

Overall Rating:4

Billy from Texas writes about Ionic Breeze:

My company bought my Ionic Breeze as I was getting bad allergies and I also smoke. Well it works for sure and within a few hours of setting it up (Which is easy.) my allergies were 100% better. Within a day or 2 people were commenting on how much better my office was without the smell of smoke. It needs cleaning like twice a week which is also easy but something that becomes a chore. Also when you see the dirt inside it it makes you think twice about smoking and how dirty the air actually was. Well I have not quit yet but everytime I clean the Ionic Breeze it makes me think twice before lighting up again. I am thinking about getting one for my bedroom so my allergies are not so bad when I wake up.

Overall Rating:5

Cheryl from AR writes about Ionic Air Filter Breeze:

I'm a smoker and it has made a noticeable difference in the smell in the house. The best part is you don't have to buy new filters, just clean the collector plate and you're done.