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From: Kelli M
Subject: mold in our mattress
Hi there;
I have a "Rest Easy" flotation bed. I have decided to change the water and when pulling back the mattress that surrounds it we have discovered a lot of what we think is "Mold or Mildew". We vacuumed it and used a shampooed it. The mold appears to be brown in color. Some spots are darker than others. Is there anything I can use to get rid of the mold?

Also, I wonder, my 15 month old son has suffered from lots of upper respiratory illness (pneumonia, asthma, RSV, and ear infections) . Up until 3 months ago he was always sick with one of these and slept in a portable crib at the base of our bed. We moved him to his own room 3 months ago and has
been well since.
Is there anything else in my household to check that would not be visible?
Thanks in advance;
Kelli M.

Thank you for your questions. An excellent solution to your mold problem would be to kill the mold by sanitizing the area using a vapor steam cleaner. These machines sanitize and clean by using steam heat and can be used throughout the entire house for sanitizing and cleaning almost every surface without the use of chemicals. Since household cleaners contain many harmful chemicals, being able to thoroughly clean your house without using these cleaners is of immeasurable value in healthy living.
Since mold is present almost everywhere and your son seems to have a mold allergy, an additional suggestion would be to filter and clean the air with an air purifier. Mold spores are usually airborne and would be filtered out as the air passes through the machine. Air purfiers range in room size capability from small rooms to whole house units.
Information on both of these types of machines can be found on our website Just click on "appliances" and then click the appliance type you wish to see. Remember to use rubber gloves and a "nose and mouth" type face mask when dealing with mold. It can be nasty stuff. Please call me toll free at 888-236-7231 Monday - Friday (9AM - 5PM Eastern) if I might answer any questions for you.
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