Mounting location in your air conditioner system.

  1. The UV probes must be mounted next to the evaporator (cooling) coil, AND on the cold air side of the coil. The UV rays must shine both on the cooling coil and on the water drain pan underneath the coil, because this is the area where mold grows.

    The Air Probe Sanitizer in the photo above is
    indeed mounted in a duct, but it is illuminating
    the cold side of the A-coil and water drain pan
    underneath it.

    (Click the photo for a different view).

    If it is mounted elsewhere, then slime, algae, bacteria, and mold WILL grow on the cooling coil, drain pan, and even the blower and ductwork. As a consequence, these organisms will contaminate the air that you're breathing, throughout your living space.

    Furthermore, this slime, algae, mold, and bacterial growth can eventually plug up your coil so air can't flow through it freely. This increases cooling costs and can even shorten the life of your central air conditioner. Your coil will NEVER plug up with a properly installed and maintained Air Probe Sanitizer equipped system. The coil will always look as shiny and new as it did when it came out of the factory.

  2. The UV-C rays shining on the water droplets (the water condensing on the A-coil) increases the output of helpful hydroxyls (OH, a naturally-occurring compound that scrubs pollution from the earth's atmosphere) and other compounds that destroy organic material such as mold, dust, germs, and pollen.

    An ordinary "in-duct" system can do neither.
  • If installation is difficult, then installation will be expensive (or not done correctly). The Air Probe Sanitizer's different designs accommodate any air handler design you might run into.

    There are a number of clear advantages in this regards of the Air Probe Sanitizer. For one thing, there are many, many different makes, models, sizes, and designs of air handlers (HVAC systems), and as a consequence, we often we have to make a custom-length Air Probe Sanitizer (or a special lamp spacing) to fit a particular air handler. And not only is there usually no extra charge should a custom length, lamp spacing, or mounting configuration is required, but many custom Air Probe Sanitizer lengths and different designs are stocked.

    BEWARE. Inferior, similar-looking "in-duct" UV products have another major drawback: fixed designs with little flexibility. The main problem is that their dual-lamp model (used on almost all residences without exception) have a fixed lamp spacing. They just plain won't properly fit some air handlers, no matter what. And so they just don't do the job. And the only way you can make their unit work on some air handlers is to chop some holes in the sheet metal. Some homeowners don't like that, because it voids the warranty on their air handler.

    Furthermore, on top of the fixed-lamp-spacing limitation, there's also only one mounting design, either for single-lamp or dual-lamp models.

    You just don't stick one in a duct somewhere, or blindly mount it "on top" of the evaporator coil. If the lamps aren't mounted on the COLD AIR SIDE of the evaporator coil, and close to the coil so as to fully illuminate it, then the job is not done right. The flexibility of the different Air Probe Sanitizer designs and lamp spacings ensures a job done right, and a happy customer, every time.