Natural Lighting and Light boxes for this winter Full spectrum lighting can help with seasonal affective disorder or depression

For the last 4 years I have been using a lightbox on my desk at home and our whole house now sports natural Verilux flood lighting. I do not suffer from SAD as such, only from golf withdrawal now that the cooler weather has arrived. What I can say about natural full spectrum lighting for those of us living in Northern gray climates, is that I would hate to be without it. And for anybody in Alaska, a must in winter! Even for those of us who do not suffer from seasonal depression, anybody will tell you, we all feel more cheerful when the sun is shining! So natural lighting just makes you well...a little brighter!

There are natural fluorescents available by special order for business environments. If I had a private office, I would definitely indulge myself. But we have a huge open plan office with hundreds of light fixtures, so replacing them is a bit of a financial mouthful. A or (a great holiday gift), do well as substitutes for all over full spectrum lighting fixtures.