Nature's Air Instruction Guide

Cleaning Instructions For
The Nature's Air Purification System

Cleaning & Maintenance:

1) When the purifier no longer produces enough ozone to be effective, the ozone plate should be cleaned. A good rule of thumb is to clean it every month. Some environments cause ozone output to be reduced in a shorter time but other environments may take longer.

2) To clean a plate, first turn the unit OFF and UNPLUG from electrical outlet. Then remove the 4"x4" plates from back of unit. Pull plates firmly in the center to remove from the slot. With plate firmly supported in the hand, apply a solution of warm water and ammonia (50/50 solution is suggested) or a strong grease cutting detergent. Scrub with a stiff brush if necessary. Be careful not to drop the plate or scrub off the silicon. Clean both the metal screen and the ceramic tile. Rinse plate in hot water and dry completely before installing. If available you may use a hair dryer to dry the plate. Reinstall plate, making sure it is secured and flush with the back of the unit. Plug unit into a grounded electrical outlet, turn unit on and start enjoying clean fresh air.

3) To clean needlepoint ionizer, first turn OFF and UNPLUG from electrical outlet. Remove the fan grill cover. The needle point ionizer will be easy to find in front of the fan by looking for two pieces of wire. Take a Q-tip or cotton swab dipped in alcohol and clean any dust that may have accumulated on the needlepoints. This process may be done when plates are being cleaned. While you have the front grill cover off the unit you may also clean the fan and grill itself. To clean the fan simply wipe the blades with a damp cloth or vacuum. The grill cover may also be cleaned with warm soapy water. Be careful that the fan grill cover is completely dry before installing.

CAUTION: No attempt should be made to remove the back panel of the unit, as there are no user serviceable parts. Opening the unit will void all warranties.