Nature's Air Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide For
The Nature's Air Purification System

If you suspect a problem with your unit, please check the following:

  • Make sure plate is clean (learn more...).
  • Unit is plugged in properly and turned on.
  • Check the fuse to make sure it is installed properly and not burned out. To replace fuse,
    push in and turn fuse holder to the left, remove old fuse, replace with spare. Use 1amp fuse,
    1.25 inches long.
  • Wall outlet is active.
  • Check plate alignment making sure the ceramic plate is almost flush with back of unit.
  • It is important that the Nature's Air be properly grounded to avoid potential shock. If the
    fan is not operating or after cleaning the plate no buzzing sound is detected on the high
    setting of the ozone, please call customer service: 1-406-889-5288

CAUTION: No attempt should be made to remove the back panel of the unit, as there are no user serviceable parts. Opening the unit will void all warranties.