Negative Ionizer and Ozone Machines Revisited Some truths about ozone producing ionic or ion air purifiers and ionic air cleaners

I am getting the usual slew of seasonal emails about a certain multilevel marketing ozone machines as negative ionic or ion air purifiers. Here is my reply in brief:

If you go to the American Lung Association site and type in Ozone cleaners it should give you all the data you need. Points to consider:

1. These companies are not allowed by law to promote their machines as "air purifiers or cleaners " as they do not remove particulates (they had multiple lawsuits on the matter)
2. They are allowed to promote their ozone machines for odor reduction.
3. Ozone is best used for situations like smoke removal in a hotel room and then occupants vacate ( I found one helpful to remove smoke odor after a fire)
4. Ozone at even low levels where it has an effect is harmful for those with respiratory problems like asthma.
5. Any reference to "ions traveling through walls" are fairy tales ( I have some interesting test data which convinced me on that one).
6. Ozone can kill mold but dead mold spores still need vacuuming with a hepa filter to remove them from the environment as dead mold spores are allergenic.
7. Ozone {O3} in dealing with VOCs can recombine in toxic by-products.