New Allergy Product Reviews Hepa vacuum cleaners by Miele, Sebo, Dirttamer, non-toxic wooden toys, and hypoallergenic bedding including cotton pillows, down pillows

We were just testing out the first ever hepa cordless wet and dry vacuum in our office when my husband walked in. His first reaction with a big grin "You bought that for me, right Honey?" You can guess who now has this vacuum in his possession and uses it enthusiastically for cleaning his car. So if you have allergies, you can now clean out your car or do quick ups for kitchen crumbs, cat litter or stairs with a cordless hepa vacuum. It even has a whole bunch of attachments for crevices and a little head light, useful seeing in the car. This is surprisingly powerful vacuum and lasts longer than other cordless vacs before needing recharging. All the guys we showed this to and tried it, love this machine - a perfect gift. For myself, I found it convenient but a little heavy at 5 1/2 lbs. I would do kitty litter pick up or stairs spruce up but my arm would get tired using it for blinds or any where when I would lifting it up. When I clean my own car, I prefer to get the central vacuum hose out for the job, as it is more powerful and of course very light. BUT my husband is love with this thing, raves about it and is as happy as a clam with his new toy! Price $49.95 for DirtTamer Deluxe or $59.95 for DirtTamer Ultima cordless vacuum cleaner