New Products - Crown Water Filters and More Water purifiers, full spectrum lighting, furnace filter, portable air conditioners, and a Blueair smoke air filter

We have been quietly very busy putting in new products on to the web site. We do have a handy new products summary page, and it is actually nearly up to date! There are a ton of new products on this page.

We do have a handy starting at $79.95 is an excellent buy, the and is gorgeous and several of them are on sale but inventory is VERY LIMITED. We have also extended our natural lighting selection by adding . A recent article in the Wall Street Journal documented the health benefits of this kind of lighting to extend well beyond relief of Seasonal Depression to a whole raft of other ailments. This does not surprise me at all. We all know intuitively that when it is light, or the summer, we feel better.
If you want to get a jump on summer, you can check out our new line up of new for this season. It has been pretty chilly testing them out in winter, but our product testing team have been very thorough and tested many more than we decided to finally offer you. There is an excellent new line of which we use at the office and I have just recently installed at my house.

Also added, is a smoke stop carbon filter at $119.95 for the Blueair model 402 which assists with the removal of odors and gases.