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with Silence TechnologyTM helps capture and destroy airborne allergens, mold and fungi. Regenerates the air in a 30 x 30' room every hour-quietly! Dirt is trapped in electronic permanent filter. Just rinse off and reuse, no replacements needed! Includes two FREE bonuses with purchase, the Refrigerator Purifier ($50 value) and 2 in 1 (handheld vac is removable from the upright) ElectrikBroomr ($100 value).

  • Silence TechnologyTM helps capture and destroy airborne allergens
  • Regenerates the air in a 30 x 30' room every
  • Dirt is trapped in electronic permanent filter
Customer Reviews:
  • Over-rated & Over-priced Hype
    I bought the Oreck Air Purifier thinking that if they make good vacuum cleaners, they most likely make a good air purifier. Wrong!
    This "air purifying" device certainly doesn't live up to my expectations. My wife & I live in a small (under 1000 square ft.) house. Our old home is heated with a gas hot water (baseboard) heat system. It's a good heating system, but being of the design it is, there is no place for filtration like you get with gas forced air (furnace) type. This device sounded good- see above review that mentions the lavish advertising Oreck uses.
    I smoke a pack a day and my wife does not. This the third air purifier we've bought. This device seems to help somewhat with smoke, but it is useless for dust and human & cat dander. It is a royal pain to clean, and its design prohibits getting the electrostatic collector plates & wires properly clean. The Oreck folks sell an aerosol & foam cleaner that's about twelve bucks per can that doesn't do much cleaning. I can use the "can" 3 or 4 times and the collector plates still are obviously dirty. I've let it soak in dish detergent & warm water for hours, repeat, etc. Still dirty!
    I contacted the company and their response was,"Well, if you smoke it won't get all that clean." That is actually what the rep said. We don't do much entertaining so the only smoke it gets is from me.
    Additionally, there are other nooks & crannies that should be readily cleanable but the way the thing is designed- forget it- you'll be all day. Who has that kind of time? The reason I didn't give it 1 star is because it Does help a bit with smoke, but I sure don't recommend it....more info
  • A Breath of Fresh Air
    I have 3 Oreck air purifiers in my home. With 3 cats and dust allergies, I can't imagine life without them. They are literally a "breath of fresh air". There is no doubt in my mind that I would recommend the Oreck air purifiers to anyone. The pre-filter washes up quickly in warm, soapy water and is reuseable for years. The smoke filter is optional, and is actually unnecessary if the unit is used only for dust/dander removal. The air cleaning cell cleans up well when soaked in hot soapy water and set in a dish drainer to dry. I have even washed and dried mine in the dishwasher and had good luck doing this. If you are tired of stale, dust-laden air, give the Oreck air purifier a try. You'll be glad you did!...more info
  • still hoping it gets more dust than I think it does
    I'm still checking it out on different settings... my house is so dusty, I was hoping it got more dust than it does. But whatever is in it's path, it DOES trap that dust and feathers from my feather comforter. The air does feel not as stagnant in that particular room that I have the purifier in for that day. I move it around every day. I have to say that I am more impressed with the free Oreck stick broom that came with it. I have never been more impressed with a vacuum in my life. I recently purchased an Electrolux Harmony vacuum because of its weight and hepa filter and just vacuumed one room, and the next day, I used the Oreck stick broom to vacuum again, and couldn't believe the dust it collected. Had I known this, I would have purchased two Oreck stick brooms, one for upstairs, one for down instead of the Harmony. I am just now ordering another filter for my stick broom so that when I rinse the filter, I can still have another one ready to go. Can't say enough good things about the stick broom. As time goes by, I'll see about the air purifier....more info
  • The Oreck Air 8 does a Great Job at Cleaning the Air.
    I originally bought one Oreck Air8 and was impressed enough to purchase a second one. These are ionizer type air cleaners so if you don't embrace this technology you have no business buying one in the first place. What sets this unit apart from the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze is that it has a fan and (OPTIONAL) filter to traditionally trap air particles. Yes you do have to periodically replace the optional filter (which is why I give it 4 instead of 5 stars) in order to get the optimum benefit from the machine. This unit does an amazing job removing room odors which is why I change the charcoal filters regularly (every 3-5 months). The Silent Mode is not really silent but it does come very close and uses very little energy. I give the machine high marks. I believe the machine as a 30-Day return policy so you can try it without risk....more info
  • More like a Fan, not an air cleaner
    As with the previous review, this product is NOT worth the money. I was looking for something compact yet functional. At first it worked okay (at least mine did capture dust/allergens hence the 2 stars), but after the 90 days, it was more of a chore to clean AND you do have to replace filters. Not to mention the collection grid doesn't slip out easily. You have to unscrew a screw, pop off a grate, yank out the grid and spray it down (you can't clean inbetween the grids) and then wait for it to dry (as you can't use a cloth to wipe it down). Plus the dust gets caught in the fan and between the plastic grates on the top which you can not take apart and clean. The silent technology is not really silent - it can still be heard and for some people I've spoke with, this is annoying. I'd recommend you save your money instead of purchasing this product....more info
  • Oreck Air Clean a complete dud
    The Oreck XL "professional" air cleaner is most likely the biggest disappointment I've had from any consumer product. It literally does not seem to do anything. I've had mine for almost 3 months and you would think by now it would have captured some dirty air, after all, isn't that what an air cleaner is supposed to do? Instead, my house is still covered by a thick layer of dust and grime, no different than what it was before I bought the Oreck. I live in the desert and you would think that even the cheapest, least effective air cleaner would be clogged by dust by now. Previous air cleaners I owned would strain under the sheer amount of airborne dust. Not the Oreck. After the first two months had passed and the "clean filter" light still had not come on I opened it up and looked inside. It was as clean as new! The tiny prefilter doesn't seem to be able to capture anything, it's too porous. And the rear charcoal filter was perfectly clean. The heart of the filter, the thing that's supposed to compete with the top-selling Sharper Image unit, is the electrostatic cells.

    If the Sharper Image unit has cells that are about 4' long, the Oreck has cells that are only about a foot long and when I looked at them they were hardly dusty. By comparison, my central AC/furnace filters get sickeningly clogged with grime after about a month or two. What's up with the Oreck? It runs day and night, 24/7 and never gets dirty? Is this the most expensive hoax I've ever been suckered into? To tell the truth, I've been a little skeptical about Oreck and Bose and a few other companies that grossly overcharge for simple, cheap-to-make products. They run incredibly expensive TV and media ads for their products and good common sense should tell us that most of the price we pay goes toward paying for those ads. But you still hope the product performs decently. My Oreck air cleaner doesn't only not perform decently; I truly believe it doesn't do anything at all. On a scale of 1 - 10 I have to rate the Oreck air cleaner less than 1 ... a complete dud.

    (Given the opportunity to do something about the air cleaner, Oreck did do something ... they chose to ignore me ... so much for those "sincere" promises of satisfaction by David Oreck in those expensive TV commercials)

    Addendum: I did finally receive a response from a customer service rep at Oreck a few weeks later. It is below. Before you read it, read Oreck's ads about how important the ion generator is (remember there is no real HEPA filtration with this unit, it is mostly designed as a competitor to Sharper Image's ionizer). Here is what Oreck suggests:

    "Thank you for visiting our website. We have received your e-mail concerning your Oreck products. We suggest turning off the ionizer feature on the Professional Air 8 Purifier. The ionizer is not recommended for daily use. The ionizer gives a negative charge to the positive charged particles makes them heavy and falls to the floor. When the ionizer is off all the particles in the air are collected and destroyed on the collector cell. We recommend using the ionizer when you are cleaning the area the air purifier is in. Turn on the ionizer two hours before cleaning and turn off while cleaning."

    ...more info