Odor Remover / Ion & Ozone Air Purifier

Odor Remover / Ion & Ozone Air Purifier
Remove seafood smells from fridge
The Odor Remover releases about 11 minutes of Ion and micro Ozone every 2 hours.

Effective up to 15 square meters.
Use as a Personal Ion and Ozone Air Purifier

The Odor Remover/Air Purifier releases 2 Million Negative Ions per Cubic Meter

Use at home or in the office as a personal Ion & Ozone Air Purifer.

Ideal as a Car Air Purifier and Ioniser which helps relieve fatigue and tension while driving.
The Odor Remover

For installing in a wide variety of places the Odor Remover comes complete with :
Mounting Plate
Plastic Hook
Silicon sucker
Double-Faced Tape
Hook and Loop Fastner

Batteries not included : 2 x AAA Battery Life approximately 40 days.
The Odor Remover works as an Ozone Air Purifier

Ozone air purifiers help reduce mold source indoor pollution, allergy, asthma, hay fever, and respiratory problems. Small amounts of Ozone control air contaminates like bacteria, bad odor, formaldehyde, germs, pathogens and viruses.
Odor Remover Ozone Content: <0.048ppm