Our Top-of-the-line 5 Stage HEPA Air Cleaner w/ Germicidal Protection:

Our Top-of-the-line 5 Stage HEPA Air Cleaner w/ Germicidal Protection:

Cabinet: Construction is sturdy 22 gauge Cold Roll Steel, durable all metal housing! - NON-Off Gassing!

Available in Black or White Coated Baked Finish, Portable Unit with Rollers!

Dimensions: Size: 20"H x 15"D

Weight: 48 pounds (shipping 53 pounds)

Can be used 24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week!

Fan Motor: 400 CFM - 3 Speed (Low, High and Turbo), permanently split capacitor 5" diameter - NO VARNISH on motor windings to dimminish any VOCs from the motor itself! - NON-Off Gassing!

Decibel Level (db): Low 35, High 55 and Turbo 65

"Top-Flow" Air Efficient design assures the Best in room air change efficiency and Air Circulation!

Cleanable Pre-Filter - Extra dense "PROCAP" material, can be vacuum cleaned or REPLACED IN 10 SECONDS FLAT!

Seperate Granular Coconut Shell Carbon and Zeolite (14 - 15 lbs.) Media (up to 1-2 years life depending upon environment)

Seperate Laser Tested TRUE-HEPA for 0.3 Micron 99.97% (66 Sq. Ft.) Media (up to 3-5 year life depending upon environment)

HEPA Filter is protected by a nylon outer screen and metal inner screen, bonded pleats to prevent pleat breakage, EVENLY spaced pleats for uniformity and BEST AIR FLOW!

Anti-Microbial Protection: 18" Germicidal Ultraviolet Lights (UV) U Shaped for Maximum Effectiveness - 254nm Germicidal Dosage to kill bacteria, viruses, yeast, etc.. (10,000 hour life)

110 AC ( Energy and Power Efficient) - ONLY 100 Watts Maximum!

CSA/NRTL/CSA/C Certified! - World Wide Recognition

Warranty Information: 5 years on cabinet housing and fan blower motor; 2 year on electrical, including ballast, switches, speed control.

Produces NO Ozone or Ions!!

FREE Shipping and Handling in the 48 States!