P3 International IonizAir Tabletop Air Ionizer, P4620 - 1 ea

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Product Description

rids your home or office of harmful pollutants, such as pollen, smoke, dust, dander and more! Leaves air clean smelling and healthier. Cost-effective, energy efficient, uses less than 5 watts of power per day. Quiet operation, filter-free.Pull-out cartridge with LED indicator for easy cleaning. Compact size, 11 x 3 1/2 x 6".

  • Absolutely silent - Will not interfere with work or sleep
  • Effectively cleans air in a 400 square foot room (about 20 feet by 20 feet)
  • No filter replacements are required
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Very low power consumption
Customer Reviews:
  • This is a rip off
    Don't order it. It is a piece of junk. The manufacturer will not even respond to the issue that they produced it. P3international is a rip off. Anything by them, BEWARE. It took mine about a month to die. Now, nobody wants to claim responsibility for it. I wish I could have written this sooner; they are just gouging the public for their money. Maybe I helped someone. ...more info
  • Can't beat the price
    I was skeptical about ion air purifiers in general and did not want to spend $150 plus to check them out. For this price, it was worth trying. I read the reviews here first and admit I was afraid of receiving a faulty unit. I decided to try it anyway since the price sounded good. The first day it was running in our bedroom, it accumulated a significant amount of dust. It works in a good sized room even though it is a small unit. We did notice a very low "zzt"-type sound after two weeks (even though it was cleaned), but all in all it is still very quiet and we sleep very well. If I'd received a non-working item, I'm sure I'd have a different review here. But it was worth the risk to me and now I'm interested in purchasing another one.
    ...more info
  • Love it!
    First I boght one of these... used it for one day and checked the collection plates and they had a nasty black film on them that was probably a good 1/16th of an inch thick... cleaned it off... same thing every day... So I bought a second one... I just recieved my THIRD one today as I love these things so much. The quality of air around here must be awful because I have these all in the same room and they are collecting gobs of stuff every day. AWESOME!!!...more info
  • Not a good product
    This worked, although I never saw much at all on the filter, for a few months before it started emitting a high pitched noise. I can't leave it on anymore because the noise is terrible. I don't recommend this....more info
  • Ionizer failure
    This unit ran for one month and died.....waiting for response from manufacturer as to options to repair and or replace....more info