PlasmaPure air purifiers

PlasmaPure air purifiers
What it Means:
PlasmaPure air purifiers are reliable, safe, and extremely cost-effective to operate. They feature longer service life and lower operating costs than conventional air purifiers. This advantage is due to PlasmaPure's long-life filters and our low energy consumption.PlasmaPure's HEPA filters are effective for up to five years of operation.* The activated charcoal filters also last up to five years due to the PLASMA deodorization technology. Additional savings are realized because PlasmaPure requires less energy to operate.

How it Works:
A combination of filter replacement and energy consumption costs make up the total operating costs. PlasmaPure's annual filter replacement costs average to $15 per year. PlasmaPure (MA-EF503HS) requires only about $18 per year for energy cost, depending on where you live. This statistic is true if you're running PlasmaPure on MIN, LOW, or MED. That's only $33 per year! Here are the wattage ratings for PlasmaPure's (MA-EF503HS) five fan speeds: 16W-MIN, 18W-LOW, 21W-MEDIUM, 32W-HIGH, 66W-MAX.Competitors' models may use from 46W to 182W of electricity. Our energy efficiency advantage reduces your operating cost significantly.

A three-year total operating cost (at MED fan speed) estimate for PlasmaPure is approximately $99 at current electricity rates in the year 2000, including the replacement filter cost. This cost is significantly lower than competitive products operating at their MED speed. A leading consumer products magazine rated air purifier models in their January 2000 issue. The estimated operating costs of the brands tested indicate that they total up to three times the operating costs of PlasmaPure.

* Normal operating condition consists of running the unit at constant MIN speed with five burning cigarettes per day in an environment free from pet fur and excessive smoke or paint fumes.