Portable Car Air Purifier

Portable Car Air Purifier

Portable car air purifiers and personal air cleaners filter dust, fumes, odors, and gases from the air inside a car, truck, rv, boat and more.
Small car air purifiers for an automobile, truck, rv, or boat. These also make a wonderful gift for all those who find that car travel or fumes from the road aggravates their allergies. These air purifiers run off your car's own power and conveniently plug into your vehicle's cigarette lighter. They do not take up any passenger space, since they include a polyester mounting strap to attach the unit to the back of a headrest.

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Portable car air purifiers are ideal for someone who...

  • Wants to filter the toxins from the air in a car, truck cab, boat, RV, home, office, and even hotel room - these air purifiers are portable
  • Is sensitive to dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, fumes, odors, and gases that come from the road, other vehicles and the surrounding environment
  • Wants a portable air purifier that doesn't take up passenger space in a car, and blends in with the interior
  • Wants a cigarette lighter adapter that powers air purifiers
  • Prefers air cleaners that are easy to maintain, with air filter changes needed only every 4-6 mos.

Features of Car Air Purifiers

Features of Car Air Purifiers

Mounts safely
behind seat.

  • Three-stage portable air purifier filtration - captures large particulates and odors, sub-micron particles such as dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, bacteria and more, removes gases, fumes and odors (for heavily polluted, smog laden areas see the )
  • Easy to maintain - all that's needed is periodic filter changes

  • Takes up no passenger space - mounts safely behind the seat. (It can be placed anywhere in the car, as long as the air purifier is secured tightly.)
  • Handsome design - looks great in any automobile
  • Conveniently plug into your vehicle's cigarette lighter - air purifiers run off your car's own power
  • Included with car air purifiers: Cigarette lighter adapter with 7 foot cord, polyester adjustable mounting strap with clip for attaching air purifiers to back of headrest or wherever suitable.
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

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How Portable Car Air Purifiers Work

Three-Stage Portable Air Purifier Filtration:

  • Air Purification Stage 1: Activated Carbon
    Captures large particulates and odors
  • Air Purification Stage 2: Electret charged media
    Captures sub-micron particles such as dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, bacteria and more
  • Air Purification Stage 3: Zeolite V.O.C. filter
    Removes gases, fumes and odors. Easy to maintain. All that's needed is periodic filter changes

Technical specifications of Car Air Purifiers

Car Air Purifier Models

Portable Car Air Purifiers

Use these air purifiers in:
inside all models of cars

Air purifier accessories included
Cigarette lighter adapter
Car seat mounting strap

Air purifier classification
Portable Air Cleaning Device
U.L. and C.S.A. approved

Air purifiers materials
motor housing: 24 gauge steel
filter cartridge: I.M. polystyrene

Color of air purifier

Air purifier filter pack life
4-6 months (based on usage in North America)

Finish / Color
Powder coated baked enamel (motor/fan housing)

Intake and Outflow of air purifier
INTAKE (Upper Section): Via a removable three-stage filter cartridge
OUTFLOW (Lower Section): Cleaned air outflows through perimeter grill

Air Purifiers CFM (blower air flow/minute)
20 cfm

Motor fans of air purifiers
Designed for continuous operation
Run tested for 35,000 hours
Service: 12 V D.C.

Air purifiers change-overs (ACH)
10 per hour (typical automobile)

Air purifiers dimensions
8" D x 3.5"H

Air purifiers weight (lbs)
2.1 lbs.

Air purifiers warranty

5 year limited on parts & labor

Best Information About Air Purifiers

Warranty: 5 years limited on parts and labor.

Availability: Usually ships within 7 business days

Portable Car Air Purifiers - XR100 (110/115VAC/12VDC)


Car air purifiers include mounting strap and cigarette lighter adapter for use in your car. Car air purifier can be used in cars, trucks, RVs, or boats to remove gases, fumes, odors.

Annual Filter Replacement Kit for XR100


For Amaircare Central HEPA systems models (6500,8500,10000)
Kit contains: 6 prefilters/3 carbon inner blankets which will last for one year

AC Adapter for XR100 Air Purifier


AC Adapter. Needed for when you use this air purifier in your home or office.