ProTec PC-1 Tank Cleaning Cartridge

Customer Reviews:
  • Keeps water clean
    This works great for someone who forgets to empty the humidifier every day as most manufacurers recommend....more info
  • Easy to Use!
    These are super easy to use. Just drop in with the water and good for 30 days! The directions say it is good for 30 days in water, so you can dry it out in between uses and get it to last longer. They seem to work well. We've used them in 3 different humidifiers and each tank seems fresh and clean....more info
  • Difficulties
    The item does not fit in any unit. I have two different ones and it does not fit in either. Its a small round ball with a tab sticking out. You need to submerge the whole thing in your water tank. The ball is slightly larger then a quarter and is only rated for 1 month. ...more info
  • Cleaning cartridge
    This item works great as far as keeping the humidifer free of gunk and other nasty stuff I only got a chance to use it for a few weeks due to the fact the warm weather is coming but I will definately purchase another one. ...more info
  • it is an expensive unnecessary
    The cartridge costs about $5 and last only 20 days before the filter and the cartridge starting reek. However, I found that Holmes Bacteriastat cost
    about $7 and could last for a season and it also extended the life of the filter.

    My suggestion is to buy the Bacteriastat. ...more info
  • Perfect for lazy people like me
    This is a must have if you have one of those humidifier I have and also for people like me. The lazy kind of people. I find the money I spend on this vs. the amount of time I have to do to clean the humidifier is well worth it.

    ...more info
  • filter life aid
    this product aids in the over all performance of our humidifier and adds to the filters life cycle....more info
  • Really Helps
    I think this cleaning cartridge really helps keep the humidifier base free of mineral deposits and mold. I've had my humidifier for a month and so far no buildup. Also, the filter is still pretty clean. ...more info
  • Never would have expected this to work
    BUT IT DOES! We bought a Honeywell humidifier and it came with a free cartridge. We tossed it in and forgot about it. A month and a half later, my husband decided to change the filter and, as the thirty day life of the cartridge had expired, he tossed it. We could not find a replacement in a local store, so we just didn't worry about getting another one. Two weeks later the humidifier started smelling toxic. We removed the cover and filter to find slime everywhere! After only two weeks! These little cartridges are definitely good investments, given the cost of filters these days!...more info
  • Not Impressed
    I have a Honeywell humidifier that is on my personal top 10 "must have" items. I figure with these cartridges the performance could only improve. I was wrong. There is NO improvement in the cleanliness of the tank or the filter area. The water actually smells funny with the cartridge in. Plus, I have noticed that the little beads inside fall out, and are reported to be harmful to pets and animals. They're so little it's hard to see them. Not a huge deal to me, but I'm sure it could pose a problem to someone.

    All in all, I would rather purchase purified water, or get a water filter for my sink for the water to use in the humidifier than use these, since there is no real difference. ...more info
  • Makes life easy
    So much easier to keep your humidifier clean.. It really seems to limit mold buildup. I would have rated it 5 stars if it lasted longer than 30 days....more info
  • Extends Filter Life
    I have an evaporizing humidifier. I dropped one of these in the tank and my filter was good for almost a month. The indicator barely moved. I removed the cartridge from the tank and intended on getting a new one from the store. I put it off and forgot and my filter was bad by the end of the week. My new filter only lasted 2 weeks without the cartridge. This cartridge extended my filter life by almost double. Probably would have been longer if I had replaced the cartridge sooner. $30.00 later & replacing my filter AGAIN I'm buying more of these. They definitely help....more info
  • Helps keep the slime down.
    These cartridges really do help keep down growth in the tank. I wouldn't run my daughter's humidifier without them anymore. People shouldn't assume, however, that they replace regular cleaning of the humidifier. I think they're a great adjunct to routine humidifier care. ...more info
  • Highly misleading
    The description for this cartridge says that it "provides continuous protection against mold and bacteria" with its "Aquastat" antimicrobial technology. If you read the literature that comes with it, however, it says that it prevents microbe growth *in the cartridge*. Not in your humidifier. It's not an antimicrobial cartridge; it's a demineralization cartridge. Whoever reported that it removes slime must be imagining it....more info
  • Not worth the money
    This product does not work. After 6 days my humidifier had so much mineral build-up that I had to chip it away with a very small screwdriver. It was a brand new hot air humidifier. Don't waste your money...more info
  • Cleaning Cartridge
    Overall works well and keeps the tank clean. I wish it's effectiveness would last longer....more info
  • Humidifier Tank Cleaner Cartridge
    This product seems to work very well and is certainly easy to use as it is merely dropped into the water tank. I have 2 humidifiers and 4 of the cleaner cartridges. At month-end, I remove the two in use and replace them with two new ones. I rinse off the used ones and put them aside to dry to use at the next month end....more info
  • Doesn't Fit with all humidifiers.
    This product will not fit if you have a vornado humidifier or planning to buy one. The cartridge has a shape of a ball about an inch. The tank for the vornado has a very small opening. If only I knew, I wouldn't have purchased one. I just gave the cartridge to a friend and she said it works great....more info
  • It works.
    After paying well over a hundred dollars for a humidifier, I got so tired of the sloppy job of cleaning slime out of it that I was almost ready to throw the thing away. After replacing its $15.00 filters (every 3 months) that seem to do about nothing, it didn't seem worth the cost and effort to keep it operating. The unit's instructions advised me not to use any additives but just clean the thing about every filling and keep replacing those filters as directed. So, since I was going to throw the thing out anyway, I tried one of these cartridges.

    It worked. It's been about a month, and the slime is starting to come back, but that's supposed to be the effective life of the cartridge. The humidifier survives. I still have to clean it, but the task is now infrequent and easier.

    So, it does what it's supposed to do; does it for as long as it's supposed to do it; hasn't harmed the over-priced humidifier; and is good for the environment as long as it keeps this humidifier out of a landfill.
    ...more info
  • Beware of fake reviews
    This product is not that revolutionary. Learn to spot fake reviews to avoid getting played by manufacturers....more info
  • It's a small price to pay....
    Year after year I seemed to get really bad colds and my allergies were out of control. I was always looking for ways to cut down the number and severity of the colds. A friend suggested the ProTec Humidifier Tank Cleaner. Since using it, I can tell a difference! I've had less colds and feel great that my air is better for me and everyone around me. It's a small price to pay for better heatlh! I'm going to suggest we use these at the office too!...more info
  • momof4
    This is a great product! I was always tired of constantly cleaning our humidifiers with noxious bleach...even with the regular cleanings with bleach I noticed a slimy film on the inside of the humidifier within a week. This product just drops into the tank of any of our humidifiers so it's easy to use and I know it works since there's no more slimy film and the humidifier tank stays clean.

    all mom's should have this....more info
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  • Works in all humidifiers
  • Keeps cleaning for up to 40 fillings
  • Simpy drop in tank
  • Safe and non-toxic