Product Name: Household Air Purifier

Product Name: Household Air Purifier
Model Number: 681
Place of Origin: China

This air purifier model incorporates the most advanced filtration
system and ion generation technology. It is ideal for the living
room, bedroom, hotel room, office, conference rooms and schools.
Also the best solution for allergy sufferers, asthma sufferers,
and those who suffer from smoke/odor attacks.

Features and specifications:
1) LED screen and remote controller
2) 3 speeds
3) 4 time controls
4) Small particles filtration
5) High sterilizing efficiency and dust collecting function
6) Absorbs smoke and odors
7) Discharges negative ions to adsorb and neutralize harmful gases,
including formaldehyde, toluene, ammonia and carbon monoxide
8) Fragrance emission
9) Power: 25 - 39W
10) HEPA working period: 2 years (12hrs/day)
11) Sterilization efficiency: 90% (3hrs)
12) Dusts and particles purification rate: 99.965%
13) Negative ions: 3,500,000ions/cc
14) Noise: less than 26dB (exclude circumstance noise)
15) Effective area: less than 40m2
16) All in one
a) Washable pre-filter
b) HEPA filter
c) Activated carbon filter
d) TiO2 filter
e) Sterilizing filter made with Chinese herbal medicine

Inner packing:
Foam bag
Color box
Dimensions: 45.3 x 21.5 x 32cm