Pure-Ion Travel Ionic Air Purifier

Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent Health Option
    I use my personal ion device when I fly, and have not been sick since I have started to use it. Previously, I was sick every time I flew....more info
  • Caveat Emptor
    "Ionic Purifiers" make the air smell sweet, but they produce ozone, which is toxic. I wouldn't wear one as a necklace....more info
  • thought i had bubonic plague
    i've travelled around the world several times. always in coach, always without getting colds or flu after the long flights. i wore the purifier on a long-haul flight and a few days later i developed a sickness worse than anything i'd ever had. cough, flu, bronchitis, wheezing, sinus agony. i've flown several more times since without and did not get sick. coincidence? maybe. but i won't use again. ...more info
  • have not tried it yet
    I ordered 8+ days before I needed it for a trip to India but it did not arrive until after I had left so that was disappointing....more info
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Product Description

Breathe cleaner, healthier airaeverywhere you go. Our Pure-Ion Travel Ionic Air Purifier emits a constant stream of negative ions, forcing airborne pollutants away from your personal space and giving you a zone of cleaner, healthier air to breatheaeverywhere you go. No filters to buyaPure-Ion Travel requires no maintenance, other than periodic battery replacement. Silent operationano noisy fans or motors, Pure-Ion Travel cleans air in complete silence. Versatile, compact designawear it around your neck (strap included), clip it to your shirt (with built-in clip), or place on a nightstand.