PureWise air purifier testimonials

Spring Air Customer Comments We really have enjoyed the Spring Air (air) purifier, in fact we have talked about getting one for our vacation home. Not only does the house always smell clean and fresh we find that there is considerably less dust than before. It really works well. I can even have an occasional cigar and the odor is completely gone the next morning. - M. Demcho, Ohio

Love my . No more sneezing or coughing. Maintenance free, and I would not be without one anymore. - L. Yeske, Mississippi

Since purchasing my , I have been able to enjoy cigar smoking in my pool table room with no after affects. I turn on the Spring Air when I light up, and it keeps up with the smoke, and results in no lingering odor whatsoever. It's a great product and I thank you for the time spent during the purchase process, in which IPS helped to educate me on the product's substantial capabilities. - R. Mark, New York

The purchase of the was a good investment. It has helped our family tremendously, since we live in a high allergy area. We do not take as many allergy pills. We also sleep much better at night. Another great plus is the way it removes odors, especially cooking odors. We do not use 'cover up' sprays now. My wife likes it because she doesn't have to do as much dusting. We wouldn't be without it. As a matter of fact, when I recently called for reservations at a motel, the only room available was a smoking room which was fine; because I took my Spring Air and it cleaned the air in a few minutes. - D. Cornett, Tennessee

I have owned a since April of 2000. I must admit I was skeptical as to how it would perform. I now have to admit that I have been pleasantly surprised. I am a smoker and the Spring Air has done wonders in keeping the air in my home smelling fresh and clean. Would highly recommend to anyone. - B. Ordille, Florida

I was impressed with the customer service. After purchasing the unit () and receiving it in the mail, I received a call to see how the unit was working and some tips for placement of the unit. Noticeable improvement in air quality in our living room. Overall the unit works great! Also used it in our basement to get rid of some moldy smell. - M. Mai, Nebraska

Dear Casey, We had a tough situation with our showroom on the floor above a basement apartment inhabited by an inveterate chain smoker. It got so bad, customers actually refused to purchase some items, or returned others, because of the acrid tobacco smell which permeated everything. We installed your , and it did the trick! The tobacco odor was quickly removed from the entire store. Our customers are sure happier, and so are we! - M.L. Carr, North Carolina

Dear Casey, We would like to give you a brief testimonial regarding the . In the beginning we was very apprehensive about the product. We had many questions which you have answered all to my satisfaction. The Spring Air air cleaner is far beyond our expectations. We live in a Condominium and have a problem with cooking odors lingering for a long while even with the exhaust fan over the stove. We purchased the unit for the purpose of dust and odor control...We are pleasantly surprised with the performance of the item. The cooking odors that used to be detected in the morning are now completely gone by the next day. Also it has controlled a lot of the dust and gives us a fresh and clean smell throughout the condo. The best of the unit is maintenance-free. Thank you for introducing us to your product. - H. Winkelmann, Michigan