Quick Allergy News Allergy information on dust mite control, air pollution causes, and air quality

The National Institute of Environmental Health have released a scientific study backing up what I have been advising dust mite sufferers all along. First line of attack is to use dust mite covers on your beds. Then what you should be doing is vacuuming religiously and using a to kill the dust mite population. What people ask me is whether an air cleaner will do it - the answer is no. The air cleaner is the icing on the cake at the end of the day. These other things have to be done first. Just think about it - how powerful would an need to be to dislodge dust mites embedded deep in carpets, mattresses, or upholstery? Air cleaners will only cope with those particles floating around in the air. Do not expect them to do dusting for you. This study is the best justification for the purchase of a I have seen. We have heard from people who are now buying them to start businesses, which offer services to go around, and in people's mattresses with steam cleaners.

A simply fascinating little article is this one, which talks about certain trees which add to our pollution levels and those which can help. City and new house planners take note.
Part of the problem in our society and with no hope of getting better soon, are the tiny soot particles emitted by automobile tires which has significantly contributed to the decrease in our air quality.