RGF Ionic Air Purifiers

RGF Ionic Air Purifiers
RGFTM Air Purifier

Electronic Air Cleaners for Your Home or Office
RGF Ionic Air Purifiers use a scientifically advanced, proprietary PhotoHydroIonization process that combines an RGF PHI-CellTM broad spectrum high efficiency HE/UVTM ultraviolet light to work with a hydrated quad-metalic target producing hydro peroxides, super oxide ions, passive negative ions, hydroxides and ozonide ions, for the next generation in air purifying and sanitizing.
The Chinese Government has tested the RGF PHI-CellTM and approved it for use in all government buildings and subways for SARS protection.
When air enters RGF'S Air Purification Chamber it is immediately exposed to the catalyst for a hydroxyl radical reaction of the broad spectrum 100-300 nm HE/UVTM energy with water vapor on the hydrated target. The results are hydro peroxides, super oxide ions, passive negative ions hydroxides and ozonide ionsthat kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi, breakdown hazardous organic compounds, neutralize toxic gases, and destroy odors.
The resulting "ultra-pure" air is then circulated back into the room but also carries negative ions for removal of particulates from the air, and low, safe levels of photolic ozone that seek out and destroy other harmful contaminants. All models utilize RGF's technology for low, safe, photolic ozone control.(no more than .04ppm)

RGF Air Purifiers eliminate odors from tobacco smoke as well as reducing or eliminating the smoke itself and oxidizes toxic gasses.

RGF Air Purifiers reduce airborne and surface biological contaminants such as molds, fungi, bacteria and viruses.
RGF'S methods of sanitation and purification are used in medical facilities and approved by the FDA and USDA for specific applications.
RGF Air Purifiers eliminate unpleasant odors from chemicals, pets, cooking, smoke, dampness, etc.
RGF Air Purifiers are effective in removing smoke and its associated odor in your home or office.
RGF Air Purifiers are available in models small enough to carry around or big enough to purify the air in tens of thousands of sq. ft.

One Room, a Small Business, a Home, or Large Open Area........RGF has a Unit to Meet Your Needs.

RGFTM The next generation in Air Purification
RGF based Residential units feature RGF proprietary technology. The most advanced air purification technology available that rids indoor environments of biological contaminants, toxic gases, particulates and unpleasant odors.
The modern design of these units compliments any decor and allows for easy table top placement as well as wall mounting. With their sleek lines and small footprint fitting comfortably into all surroundings is a snap.

Along with illnesses, indoor environments can also contribute to the development of allergic symptoms, and allergen avoidance in infancy substantially lowers the frequency of allergic manifestations. RGF'S room air purifier methods are used the world over for odor control and bacteria reduction and result in a safer, healthier environment for family, employees or customers free from contaminants and allergens.