Remove Home Bathroom Carpets°≠Health Officials Say Bacteria and germs breeding ground in bathroom carpets by Stan Halpern, Environmental Cleaning Consultant

A major Southern California health care provider calls bathroom carpeting a potential breeding ground for bacteria, cause of illness and other germ-related infections, according to the Los Angeles Times. The solution, replace carpeting with tile or linoleum. According to the Times, more than 200,000 bathroom-related injuries were reported to hospital emergency rooms in the United States in 1998 and almost 9,000 bathroom-related fatalities were reported. Good Health Internet magazine reports that the bathroom the most dangerous room in the house in an article for Good Health Internet magazine.

Most of those fatalities came from bathtub falls. But nearly 500 deaths were unattended children drowning in the bathtub. Many of the falls occurred because someone tried to use a towel rod for a grab bar. They simply are not sturdy enough, the article notes. Other suggestions from experts for better bathroom safety:

    Install numerous bathtub safety devices, especially grab bars.
    Make sure your tub has a nonskid surface, even if it's just safety strips.
    Eliminate space heaters in the bathroom. There's just too much water around, which produces potential electric shocks. People might also suffer leg burns by bumping into them.
  • Secure all sharp- edge objects.