Replacement Cartridge for Premium Shower Filter by New Wave Enviro

Customer Reviews:
  • Simply Fabulous, and quite frankly, Awesome

    They stopped selling this where I originally left a review... so here it is again :~) 5.0 out of 5 stars Simply Fabulous, and quite frankly, Awesome, October 11, 2007

    I've been using this filter system for TWENTY YEARS. Need I say more? OK, I will. My hair and skin are awesome. My peers use conditioner on their hair... me? rarely. And, I usually have long hair. (fine, blonde) I can go a month or more without using lotion on my skin as long as I am getting enough EFA's from my food. I have used this system in Washington, D.C.; Arlington, VA; Los Angeles, CA; and now in Salem, OR. The latter two have very hard water. Until I have great well water I'll keep using it. And even then if the water is really hard I may still. I really notice the difference when I visit family back East as they don't have this in their shower.

    PS The housing that holds the cartridge is just starting to look like it is going to split vertically at the threads that connect to the water inlet pipe do-hicky. I noticed that the last filter change I did. Hows that for value on the dollar, easy-ish on the Environment etc? It will be interesting to see how much longer I can get out of the housing before the plastic just shatters....more info
  • great shower filter
    It was easy to install, and does a great job of removing the chlorine/chlorine smell from my water. I would definitely recommend this filter for anyone. It is very reasonable priced considering how long each filter lasts and is very effective....more info
  • Plastic limitations
    When I got the product and opened the box, the literature said that you cannot use the kind of shower head that has a valve that turns off the flow. This is because the filter housing is plastic and is subject to cracking or bursting if you turn off the flow downstream from the filter.

    That's the kind of shower head I have, and I like to use the valve feature. I really really wish that eGeneralMedical had said this in their (limited) online literature. And they expect me to pay the return shipping and a 15% restocking fee!
    ...more info
  • Great for your hair and skin!
    I've been using this type of filter for two years now and it makes my hair so much more workable. My skin feels great too. I never really had a problem until I moved to AZ...the climate is much different than NJ and the water is hard. My hair started to become really dry, brittle and totally unmanageable. A friend recommended I try this filter and it has really saved my hair!...more info
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Product Description

The compact filter lasts for about a year of regular use. This Replacement Cartridge ALSO fits the following Models: Amway Cleanwater Shower Mate Showerwise Sprite

  • Effective: 18 ounces of KDF-55 filters out Chlorine, Odors, and Dirt Particles
  • Benefits: Healthier, softer feeling skin & hair, Clears up dry, itchy skin
  • Shower Filter helps control bacteria, bathroom mold and mildew
  • Filter Cartridge is recyclable!
  • All soaps, shampoos & other bodycare products have improved performance and enhanced benefits when used with the Premium Shower Filter